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Snail Slime – The New Yorkers Secret to Flawless Skin

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Snail Slime – The New Yorkers Secret to Flawless Skin

Your face. It’s what lights up when you’re happy; it shows every emotion, each joy, sadness, fret and delight you’ve got—all of it. Not just in the moment, but life, too, can wear on your face; from happiness to sadness, sun damage to nutrition, your skin can really take a toll. It’s the crinkles around your eyes from smiling in the sun, or the dimples around your mouth from frowning when sad. Life, and aging, can make your skin say a lot. That’s not to say though you can’t find natural, healthy ways to deal, so you can keep living your healthiest, most vibrant life.

Are you starting to notice wrinkles you want to deal with right away? Maybe you spent too much time in the sun and have sun spots, or acne, eczema, or blemishes that affect your skin. It’s hard to know which skin products on the market will help more than harm (or be completely chemical-based and affect us in different ways), so we’ve compiled some healthy, natural ways to lift, lighten, tone and trim your skin.

If you want the healthy way to cure your skin, check out these natural skin care remedies:

Natural skin care remedies have been extremely popular for a very long time. Ingredients like avocados, lemons, cucumbers and honey have been used for external blemishes on skin. There are even some diets that will clear up acne or give your skin a brighter glow. Eating foods like coconut, papaya, cabbage, tomato juice and pumpkin seeds can amp up your skin, having it appear healthier, as each of these foods have components that will help clear up your skin.

Essential oils have also stormed the market recently. They are pure delight! With so many options that support different aspects of your skin—whether dry, flaky skin, wrinkles, rough skin, or acne—there’s not only an essential oil that will cure it, there’s also a myriad of other health benefits you’ll receive from using that oil. To reduce aging, for example, Carrot Seed or Frankincense oil works to rejuvenate the cellular structure that makes up the skin, leaving your face feeling rejuvenated and looking more youthful. Essential oils are still extremely popular and continue to grow. If you are going to use essential oils, make sure you choose certified therapeutic grade oils so you know you’ve got the best of the best quality! That way, you’ll have natural care; the oils directly from the plants to your cells, and leaving your skin feeling silky smooth, youthful, rejuvenated and clear.

There is a new natural skin care trend that is slithering its way into New York. It’s called EscarGROW and it involves putting secretions from a snail on your face to smooth out your skin. Sounds gross, right? We thought so too, but after reading up on the process and the success stories, we bought into it pretty quickly.

The facial process was created by Matthew Schulman who is a certified plastic surgeon in New York. In a feature in New York Smash, Schulman said, “snail secretions have been used medicinally as far back as the ancient Greeks. It was used to cure illnesses and heal skin and stomach ulcers. In more modern times, Chilean snail farmers have noted that the constant handling of the snails left them with hands that appeared younger than the rest of their body. The use of snail secretion for cosmetic purposes is relatively new over the past several years.”

We hope you have read this far and not gone out to your garden to find some snails! According to Schulman, he uses a special breed of snails whose secretions are different than the common snails you find after it rains. These snails’ secretions have anti-aging and antioxidant properties that help reverse the aging of skin, and they fix sun damaged skin. The secretions are also extracted in a way that do not harm the snails.

“The results have been extremely satisfying. We see men and women with smoother, tighter skin that glows. Once the person gets over the initial hesitation about having snail slime on their face, they fall in love with the treatment and results. I should mention that the snail secretion is very light and has no smell. It is not slimy or sticky, so it is really not a problem for even the most squeamish patient,” Schulman said.

There are so many ways to naturally take care of your skin, which is a good thing! Conscious, healthy, natural products really are the way to go—and they’re the way of the present, and the future. Caring for your skin with non-chemical, natural methods will not only make your skin glow, it’ll keep the rest of you healthy, too! Today, you can care for your skin with foods, oils, and, yes, even snail slime! If you are in the market for a new, natural skin care remedy, and you live in the New York area, why not try out all of these natural solutions!

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