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6 Mantras To Help Reduce Stress

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6 Mantras To Help Reduce Stress

Everyone’s got stress. There’s really no way around it, unless you spend your days in the mountains meditating—in which case, you probably won’t be reading this article! Kidding, of course. We’ve all got stress, in one form or another.

Some stress is great. Eustress, for example, is the type of motivating movement, that rocket-fuel type stress that gives us the feel-good vibe of living life full-on. It’s motivating, it whips you into action and it can be effective for having a sense of accomplishment and achieving the goals you set out to complete. Distress, on the other hand, can be—well, distressing. Our health takes the hit—adrenals fatigued, immune system depleted, brain foggy and cloudy, the list goes on. When we’re in too much distress, we feel glib and overworked, tired and/or wired, and we really don’t function at our best.

Distress is what we want to reduce—and mantras can help. Mantras, originally an Eastern tradition, give the mind a focal point that allows your brain, heart and spirit to receive the benefits of a positive thought or the energy of sound and vibration while meditating. Mantras can be used in meditation, or as a centering thought throughout the day to give you peace and positivity, and all the accompanying health benefits, amidst the hustle bustle of the everyday.

Ohm is a typical mantra—the way you may start a yoga session, or perhaps a meditation, though not all mantras are vibe-increasing sounds; they can be phrases, too. Here are six mantras you’ll love that help you step away from the distress—and leap into happiness, joy, and the truth of what life’s supposed to be like: awesome, enjoyable and high-vibe! When you live without distress, you have that feeling of truly loving life.

Repeat these mantras throughout the day to re-wire your brain for balance and peace, or meditate on them so you can take life more in stride.

Mantra 1: I Acknowledge My Stressors—and I Know How to Deal

Top level executives know the best way to deal with stress—acknowledge it and take action-oriented steps towards a solution. Often though many people don’t acknowledge or are unaware of their triggers for stress, which can leave them feeling like an ostrich with their head buried deep in the sand. You’ve got to face it to solve it!

Stress comes with life and, when you acknowledge the triggers of your distress, you can become a better problem-solver and a leader within your life in bringing peace and well-being to you. When you know what causes you stress, you can choose a new response, be proactive to avert the stressor in the first place and be gentle with yourself when your stressor arises.

Mantra 2: I Know I Have a Choice

You always have a choice—and it’s important to remind yourself of that. Being in total awareness means being completely accountable for your choices—and knowing you have one in every given moment. When a stressful situation presents itself, it’s up to you to respond (not react) in the healthiest way possible that will truly be beneficial in reducing your stress. That first step of acknowledging your infinite number of choices is so important to helping your stress levels relieve.

Mantra 3: I Make the Healthy Choice

The phrase alone, I have a choice, is exceptionally powerful in giving you strength in any situation, no matter how stressful. When you then empower yourself with the mantra that you choose healthy habits (and follow through on that positive choice), you’re stepping into physical, mental and spiritual ways of being that will help reduce your stress. Instead of smoking to decrease your stress, for example, you can choose exercise—which is a physiological way to drop those stress levels down and increase your dopamine hit to ramp you up for happiness!

Mantra 4: I Nourish My Body

Nourishing your body with healthy foods is an incredible way to reduce stress—and it can give you the added benefit of weight loss, too. From Omega 3’s that decrease your stress hormones to amino acids that help relax you, the positive choice to nurture your body with healthy foods can make a big difference to helping you deal better with stress. Remind yourself of this reassuring mantra until it becomes just like second nature.

Mantra 5: I Balance My Mind

Body and mind are so united, especially when it comes to stress. The mind can affect the body, and vice versa. When your thoughts are overrun with stressful scenarios, or you cannot gently allow your thoughts to be present without worry or fret, it can take a great toll on your physical health. Yoga, meditation and journaling are three really powerful ways to connect your mind with peace, stillness and understand—not deleting your thoughts, but allowing them to be there, without judgment so you can get on with what you need and want to do. Choose the mantra—and the techniques—to balance your mind and you’ll feel the great relief of less stress!

Mantra 6: I Value My Sleep

Sleep—it’s what will help you relax, yet it’s so often undervalued as important with so many ‘to do’ items on our lists. It may seem like common sense, but sleeping soundly and for enough hours really does help you relax. It shifts your perspective and allows you to see the big picture—when you’re not getting enough sleep, on the other hand, you can feel depleted. When the energy’s low, stress levels can rise, so you really want to mindful of managing your sleep. Get on a proper sleep schedule; go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning. Embody the mantra, “I value my sleep,” and begin to live it. You’ll feel refreshed, rejuvenated and so glad you did!

No matter what your stress, shifting your mindset can make it so much easier to deal—you’ve got this! Implement these mantras into your life and remind yourself throughout the day. When you go to make a choice that can increase or decrease your stress, choose from the place of your mantra. When you start introducing these 6 mantras in your life, your stress will start to fade. You’ll feel that ahhhh feeling of knowing, you can deal. You’re totally capable, and you’ll have less stress in your life, too.

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