10 Best Casserole Recipes


10 Best Casserole Recipes

Jul 24, 2015 //

The word ‘casserole’ brings to mind comfort food; family picnics and dinnertime gatherings. And, yes, even ‘leftovers.’ The best thing about casseroles is that you can (usually) make them ahead, freeze, and then bake. They are ready when you are. You can make a complete meal in one dish. Use farm fresh ingredients, create savory sauces and enjoy knowing your family is getting a nutritious meal. Most of these recipes require a 9 x 13 casserole dish. I have chosen to share with you 10 family favorite casserole recipes from my go-to recipe site ifoodreal.com. Olena is the food expert behind this awesome site. I enjoy her step-by-step instructions and innovative ideas. Her recipes are “free of processed foods, GMOs, and mostly organic.” Enjoy!  

Skinny Chicken, Broccoli And Rice Casserole

Link: http://ifoodreal.com/skinny-chicken-broccoli-and-rice-casserole-with-kale/

Quick, easy comfort food. This is really yummy. It’s healthy and your family will love it. It’s loaded with nutritious goodness. Choose free-range lean chicken breasts, organic kale, rice and broccoli. Olena creates a savory sauce without canned soups.  You can forego the added, cheese, if you like, or use a healthier cheese substitute. I have made this recipe without the chicken breasts to create a vegetarian version.

Calories 280
Makes eight servings


White Cheddar, Baby Portobello, Broccoli And Squash Casserole

Link: http://ifoodreal.com/white-cheddar-baby-portobello-broccoli-and-squash-casserole/

Use fresh out-of-the garden sweet squash and broccoli. A colorful, mouth-watering combination of Portobello mushrooms, veggies and tomato sauce, you will make this recipe again and again. A 20 minute prep; 50 minute baking time. Well worth the effort.

Calories 232
Makes eight servings


Cauliflower Mac And Cheese Casserole

Link: http://ifoodreal.com/cauliflower-mac-and-cheese-casserole-recipe/

A combination of wholesome brown rice, pasta, roasted cauliflower, garlic and cheese. Olena says, “Delicious and you are sneaking in half a large cauliflower head in here. My kids had seconds, licked the plates and after my toddler told me “I like you”… Lighter comfort food but still so much flavor and texture.” Delicious.

Calories 238
Makes nine servings


Sprouted French Toast Breakfast Casserole

Link: http://ifoodreal.com/sprouted-french-toast-breakfast-casserole/

If you entertain, like I do, and have overnight guests, this casserole is fantastic to make ahead and heat the next day. Instead of traditional bread, I use Ezekiel bread. Quick and easy. Top with your favorite organic maple syrup, pecans or walnuts, and you have a sensational breakfast.

Calories 298
Makes six servings


Quinoa Chicken Pot Pie

Link: http://ifoodreal.com/quinoa-chicken-pot-pie-recipe/

The combination of free-range organic chicken breasts, quinoa and veggies, makes this another winner.  Olena’s clever recipe replaces Bisquick mix or puff pastry dough with quinoa as the pie crust. Quinoa has health-happy benefits – full of complex carbs and protein. It’s an innovative, delicious recipe that I am sure you will enjoy.  

Calories 310
Makes eight servings


Garlic Parmesan Zucchini and Tomato Bake

Link: http://ifoodreal.com/garlic-parmesan-zucchini-and-tomato-bake/

Another favorite, this is a satiating, colorful casserole your family will enjoy. Use garden fresh zucchini and tomatoes to keep it healthy. This casserole is so practical and noteworthy that I make it at least once a week. five minutes of prep time, this casserole is thrifty as well as delicious.  

Calories 82
Makes six servings


Kale And Mushroom, Spaghetti Squash Quiche

Link: http://ifoodreal.com/kale-and-mushroom-spaghetti-squash-quiche-recipe/

Well, so it’s a quiche and not a casserole. I will argue that a quiche is the same as a casserole – the dish is a round glass pie pan vs. an oblong dish. I have made this recipe in an oblong casserole dish. Spaghetti squash serves as the “crust.” Whatever type of dish you choose to use, it’s so delicious and easy, and I had to share. You will love the combination of fresh ingredients.

Calories 170
Makes eight servings


Clean Eating Zucchini Lasagna

Link: http://ifoodreal.com/clean-eating-zucchini-lasagna/

The ultimate casserole for dinnertime. With only seven ingredients, you will make this once a week. No noodles in this version; the zucchini replaces noodles.  Olena says, “my kids no not like zucchini, especially cooked (I assume most kids feel this way), but they loved this lasagna!” Not just for kids, adults love it, too.

Calories 326
Makes eight servings


Clean Eating Nacho, Kale And Black Bean Bake

Link: http://ifoodreal.com/clean-eating-nacho-kale-and-black-bean-bake/

Who can resist nachos? Not my family. Nutritious kale, black beans and organic nachos combine to create a great family night casserole. This is a great recipe for a backyard gathering, tailgate party, or family picnic.

Calories 282
Makes eight servings


Clean Green Bean Casserole With Parmesan Crumb Topping

Link: http://ifoodreal.com/clean-green-bean-casserole-with-parmesan-crumb-topping/

A twist to traditional green bean casserole, this recipe is really delicious. The onions married with the green beans create a great summertime (or anytime) meal. Gluten free, nutritious and healthy.

Calories 196
Makes six servings


Thanks, Olena, for a great site with wonderful solutions for eating healthy!



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