10 Easy Diet Hacks You’ll Want to Start Using Today


10 Easy Diet Hacks You’ll Want to Start Using Today

May 4, 2015 //

Weight loss: it sounds difficult and unattainable, doesn’t it? But it doesn’t need to be that way. We’ve got hacks simple tips and tricks to lose weight. No huge effort required for any of these. Just make a few small changes to quickly get on the path toward slim.

1. Set the Mood

Make your meals an event. I know you’re tempted to eat by the TV, but don’t. Clear off the dining room table. Use the nice dishes. Light some candles and play soft music. If you’re eating with your partner or friend, savor the conversation. One study found that people who ate in fast food restaurants with dim lighting and mellow music consumed 175 fewer calories than those who ate in a typical restaurant with bright lights and loud music did. Take the time to create a nice atmosphere and you’ll naturally eat less.

2. Eat the Whole Fruit

Skip fruit juices, which are basically fruit with less fiber and more sugar. Eat the whole fruit instead. Drink fruit juice if you want to feel less satisfied and more hyperglycemic. Eat real fruit if you want to feel energized and balanced.

3. Eat Breakfast

Skipping breakfast will not I repeat, will not lead to weight loss. It will lead to hunger and overeating later in the day. It will also deprive you of some morning happiness. Yep, eating breakfast boosts dopamine, the brain chemical that makes you feel happy, rewarded and satisfied. Dopamine can also help fight fat and sugar cravings. So many reasons to say yes to breakfast.  

4. Eat Protein at Every Meal

Pasta isn’t a meal so much as a carb-fest. The same goes for a bagel with butter. There’s nothing wrong with carbs on a whole and I don’t recommend cutting them from your diet, but I you should add protein to every meal. Think eggs, chicken, salmon, turkey, tofu, tempeh, edamame or protein powder. Lean protein helps control your appetite and makes you feel focused. Also, eating protein helps ensure you don’t lose muscle mass.

5. Chew Your Food Well

We’ve all been there: you scarf down your lunch or afternoon snack so fast, you don’t even feel full when you’re finished eating. Your pacing is to blame. Take time to chew your food slowly, and not only will your food digest better, but you’ll also feel more satisfied. Slow chewing gives your brain enough time to register you’re full before you overeat. Savoring your meal will also help you enjoy your food more. Stop eating on auto-pilot and start appreciating your meals.

6. Trade Your Oil for Broth

You’re feeling good about yourself because you’ve added fresh vegetables to your diet and are cooking them every night to go with your dinner. But are you cooking your veggies in oil? If so, you may be packing on calories too, since two tablespoons of oil equals 120 calories. What’s a better option? Make a homemade vegetable broth and use that instead. You’ll save calories without sacrificing flavor.

7. Skip the Packaged Low-fat Snacks

If you’re making your own low-fat snack (say, veggies and hummus or grapes and a slice of part-skim cheese), go ahead and dig in. But if you’re buying a low-fat snack that comes in a box or bag from the store, be wary. When food companies take out the fat and the flavor they compensate by adding something else, usually extra sugar. You’re just trading one bad thing for another and doing your body no favors. Additionally, when people know they’re eating something that’s low in fat, they tend to eat 30% more. Chuck that low-fat energy bar and opt for an apple and a scoop of peanut butter instead.

8. Have Greek Yogurt for more than just Breakfast

That rich, savory Greek yogurt flavor comes in handy when you’re looking for a substitution for sour cream, mayonnaise or heavy cream. When you choose the lower-calorie Greek yogurt option, you’re also getting extra protein and probiotics. Use Greek yogurt in baking, cooking and for whipping up dips and dressings. You’ll feel better and lighter when you skip the heavy stuff and opt for Greek yogurt instead.

9. Brush Your Teeth after Dinner

Clean teeth send a signal to your brain that you’re done eating. Brush your teeth before you sit down with your favorite TV show or book. Once you have a minty fresh mouth, late-night snacking won’t seem so appealing.

10. Give Your Comfort Food a Makeover

If you’re craving pizza, macaroni and cheese, cupcakes or fries, go ahead and indulge just make them yourself and use a healthier recipe. Seriously, any recipe can be madeover to be healthier but wonderfuly tasty. Instead of mashing potatoes, mash cauliflower and you’ll get similar flavor and consistency for much fewer calories. Craving chocolate mousse? Use delicious, creamy avocado as the base instead of butter or oil. Pick up some spaghetti squash from the store when you’re craving pasta. You can even slip black beans into a brownie recipe and still end up with a sweet taste and fluffy consistency. The possibilities are endless, so get on the internet and start searching before you give into high-fat mac and cheese or loaded pizza.

You can easily add all ten of these hacks to your life today. So stop waiting for tomorrow to eat better starting now!



Kristen Forbes

Kristen Forbes is a freelance writer in Portland, Oregon who enjoys hiking, running, vegetarian food, and intuitive eating. She is always on the lookout for innovative recipes, fun workouts, and new ideas for taking care of her body and mind.

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