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10 Easy Ways to Spice Up Boring Chicken

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10 Easy Ways to Spice Up Boring Chicken

If you think healthy chicken recipes are boring, think again! You can enjoy all the health benefits of low-fat, high-protein chicken breasts without getting bored. Here are 10 easy ways to spice up chicken.

1. Chicken with Chimichurri Sauce

Chimichurri is a green herb sauce that hails from Argentinean cuisine, and it adds a huge blast of flavor to grilled or baked chicken (not to mention grilled vegetables, too). Vibrant green cilantro, oregano and parsley, fresh garlic, shallots and minced jalapeno are combined in a food processor or blender with red wine vinegar and olive oil. Chimichurri is a bright and tangy sauce that will liven up your chicken without adding a ton of calories.

2. Chili Orange Chicken

This recipe for Chili Orange Chicken will wake up your taste buds with a zesty combination of fresh orange, ginger root, garlic and hot chili peppers. Consider this a dish a winter cold and flu buster: ginger root can help soothe troubled tummies, garlic can help boost your immune system, and spicy chili peppers are high in vitamin C.

3. Thai Coconut Chicken Skewers

Coconut and red curry sauce form a marinade for diced chicken breasts, which are then skewered with bell peppers, mushrooms and zucchini to create Thai inspired chicken that can be served and eaten right off the stick. These would be great for an outdoor barbeque with friends, or just on a Tuesday night for the family! Using light coconut milk helps these Thai Coconut Skewers come in at only 302 calories per serving.

4. Chicken Florentine

This healthy chicken recipe will make you feel like you’ve been transported to Italy, without the calories of a heavy pasta dish (and minus the expensive airfare). Fresh spinach, low-fat ricotta cheese, and white wine add delicious and light flavor to chicken breasts. Chicken Florentine will definitely become a permanent chicken breast recipe at your house.

5. Jalapeno Lime Chicken

Finely diced jalapenos, minced garlic and the juice of a lime will add a spicy kick of flavor to your chicken. Brush chicken breasts with canola or coconut oil, season with sea salt and ground pepper, toss with the garlic and jalapeno, and bake them in the oven until they’re cooked through. When the chicken is done, squeeze fresh limejuice over the top and serve with brown rice and a side of vegetables.

6. Black Pepper Citrus Chicken

Low fat and low calorie never tasted so delicious: chicken breasts seasoned with salt, pepper, and oregano, and sautéed with onion and garlic in white wine. Finished off with fresh parsley and lemon juice, Black Pepper Citrus Chicken is bright and acidic, with a big peppery flavor. Be sure to use a coarse grind of pepper, not a fine grind, to make it come out perfectly. Each serving is only 195 calories, making this a no-guilt chicken dish.

7. Lemon Chicken Soup

Before you head out for the day, get some chicken lemon soup cooking in a crock-pot. Cubed chicken breasts and diced onion, celery and carrot can simmer all day in vegetable or chicken stock. When you’re ready to serve it, add the juice of a lemon to brighten up your soup. You can add cooked rice or egg noodles for a heartier meal.

8. Spicy Chicken Thighs with Cucumber and Cashew Salad

Tired of chicken breast? Try this recipe for Spicy Thighs with Cucumber and Cashew Salad. Chicken thighs have more fat and calories than chicken breasts, but this is still a healthier alternative than calling for Chinese take out. The fish sauce is a common ingredient in Asian dishes, and it gives an incredible depth of flavor that doesn’t taste “fishy” at all.

9. Grilled Chicken Breasts with Mango Habanero Salsa

The perfect way to boost you out of chicken boredom is to top a grilled breast with Mango Habanero Salsa. Tropical, light and with a kick of heat, mango salsa pairs very well with chicken (or fish). You can add as little or as much habanero as you can handle, but don’t leave them out! The heat from that chili is what makes this so special, and at only 35 calories per salsa serving, you can load a little extra onto your grilled chicken without guilt.

10. Balsamic Chicken

Sweet and tangy balsamic vinegar makes a delicious sauce for sautéed chicken, and pairing it with spinach and sundried tomatoes is anything but boring. Chicken with Balsamic Vinegar Sauce comes in at under 300 calories per serving, but it tastes like it could be twice that!


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