10 Healthy Juices That Can Help You To Lose Weight

Apr 28, 2015 //

The continual struggle toward cutting weight, and unwanted bulk from your frame can take its toll on the mind, body, and soul. Sometimes a little variety introduced into your daily effort toward trimming out that frame, can work wonders in kickstarting a willpower that was quickly fading off into nothingness. The following 10 juices, and their extensive repertoire of health benefits, will show you the road to loosing weight can in fact be a refreshing one!

1. Watercress Juice

This juice is something just short of a Vitamin C miracle. You’ve likely never heard mention of this juice, and that’s no matter, because now you can rest assured, and know orange juice with its health benefits pales in comparison to watercress juice. Keep that immune system in good form, and incorporate this juice into your daily eating/drinking regimen.

2. Dandelion Juice

Who would’ve thought, those dandelions staring back at you from your yard, or another’s contain within 203% your daily need of Vitamin A for just two cups. An unreal, and impressively tasty juice!

3. Swiss Chard Juice

The anthocyans in that of the Swiss chard juice actively fight against the development of cancer within the digestive tract, in addition to providing 50% your recommended Vitamin C for only 19 calories (3 cups).

4. Kale Juice

At a mere cost of 50 calories, kale delivers you 200% your recommended Vitamin C intake a vitamin absolutely essential to warding off development of the common cold, especially as winter wraps up, and colder temperatures persist for just a bit longer!

5. Fennel Juice

Perhaps, the most unexpected, yet practical benefit for women in this juice, is the phytoestrogens within the fennel aid in alleviating those symptoms commonly associated with menopause. Further, just a bulb of fennel has a mere 36 calories, and thus comes at little cost in extra calories!

6. Celery Juice

The fine struck balance between sodium and potassium within that of celery, make it a highly effective post-workout drink, as it effectively replenishes electrolytes expended during your workout, and in all it’s a drink extremely low in calories.

7. Red Pepper Juice

Get a little spice in that juicing routine, you’ve so boldly adapted! The red pepper additionally provides your body near 100% the recommended Vitamin A intake. Did we mention, an entire big red pepper contains just 43 calories?-which in turn make it, yet another refreshing drink, pleasingly low in associated calories.

8. Kiwi Juice

The seeds themselves contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, while the kiwi considered alone has more potassium than a banana! A banana! For so long we’ve assumed the banana as the potassium ‘staple.’ No more. Throw this delightful fruit in the blender for a terrific post-workout drink full of green refreshment.

9. Apricot Juice

A sole apricot weighs in at a mere 74 calories, and provides your body 60% the recommended Vitamin A daily intake. We’ll have know, your body requires sufficient levels of Vitamin A to resist against the destructive oxidation of cells. Additionally the beta-carotene in that of the apricot, almost unrivaled in it’s high levels, plays an essential role in keeping your skin nice and healthy.

10. Cherry Juice

Maybe you find yourself desiring a bit of sour twist on your traditional morning juice. The cherry comes in the clutch, and additionally bears a substantial amount of fiber-which as we’ve noted, can work wonders in the way of curbing your appetite when you’re trying to consume less calories. Additionally, recent scientific studies, hold the quercetin in that of the cherry can directly aid against the later development of respiratory problems such as asthma.

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