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10 Protein-Packed Recipes to Gain Muscle Mass

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10 Protein-Packed Recipes to Gain Muscle Mass

Striving to gain muscle mass is a worthy goal! But to get fit in a healthy manner, you have to give your body what it needs to grow and get strong. Use these protein-packed recipes to gain muscle mass:

1. Spicy Turkey Soup

One of the top high-protein meats, turkey excels at equipping your muscles for intense training and growth. To give turkey a flavorful twist, load the spiced soup up with meat.

For this recipe, grab your slow cooker. Toss in cooked turkey breast and a bunch of diced peppers. For more spice, choose hotter peppers. Add in chicken or turkey broth and cook over low heat for 6 to eight hours.

An hour before serving, add in extra broth, cooked rice, beans, and a touch of sharp cheese. Season to taste and enjoy the warm up in your mouth before you hit the gym.

2. Meat-Loaded Omelet

Whip together a couple of eggs and get your omelet started in the skillet.

Mix cooked meat, such as ground turkey or shredded beef, with a little cheese and some veggies. The more meat, the better!

Add the meat blend to one half of the stiffening egg and flip to form a classic half-moon omelet shape. Cook egg through and voila! You have all the protein of the meat and the cheese tucked inside the high-protein egg. It’s light, delicious, and packed with powerful nutrients.

3. Three-Meat Burger Stack

What could be better than three different types of burgers stacked on top of each other? Make three burgers, one turkey, one beef, and chicken. It’s best if the patties are thin. Stack on top of each other with a layer of cheese between each patty and enjoy. You’ll have more than enough protein and flavor, even with very little seasoning!

4. Meat and Bean Chili

A classic all year round, this recipe is easy to make and nutritious too. Simply brown meat before mixing with beans, seasoning, and a little tomato sauce. Choose meats that are loaded with protein, such as turkey, chicken, or beef. As much as possible, avoid adding excessive amounts of bacon or sausage, as they are fattier and offer fewer beneficial nutrients.

5. Spinach and Cheese Casserole

Popeye had it right, spinach is one of the best foods for building your body. For an easy side dish, snack, or appetizer that gets your muscles primed for a workout, start by boiling spinach until wilted. Immediately drain and rinse in cold water.

Chop the cooked spinach and strain it before blending it with cottage and cheddar cheese. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and bake at 400 degrees for twenty minutes. You’ll have a warm, flavorful treat that is pack with protein.

6. Simple Salmon and Veggies

Salmon is loaded with proteins and other nutrients that give your body a healthy boost. Buy fresh salmon and fry it in a skillet with just a touch of olive oil and lightly sprinkled seasonings of your liking. Serve with steamed veggies for a filling, muscle-enhancing meal.

7. Almond Trout

Another scrumptious source of protein, trout is easy to flavor and pairs nicely with high-protein rice such as wild rice. To add more protein to the savory fish, pat it with butter and then smother it in almonds before baking. That way you will get the flavor and nutrients of nuts and the fish all at once.

8. Magic Rice and Mushrooms

Wild rice is a little-known but powerful source of protein, fiber, and other health-boosting ingredients. It doesn’t take much to make wild rice into a scrumptious side dish or even the highlight of a meal.

Mix cooked wild rice with cream of mushroom soup for a flavorful treat. Or, add a little cooked chicken in and call it a casserole.

9. Stir-Fried Quinoa

Get your protein and nutrients all in one simple meal by mixing veggies, quinoa, and a hearty meat like beef into a stir-fry. Cook quinoa and meat separately, and then combine with broccoli, and steam. Season with soy sauce and dry herbs to taste.

10. Tuna and Rice Rounds

One little can of tuna can produce quite an aroma –and quite a lot of nutrients as well. Tuna is extremely high in protein. Mixed with nutritious rice it is a power-packed workout warmup treat. Sticky in nature, simply roll rice and tuna into little rounds and snack on them for a protein boost.

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