10 Tasty Ways To Add Almonds Into Your Muscle Building Diet

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10 Tasty Ways To Add Almonds Into Your Muscle Building Diet

May 23, 2015 //

Almonds are small, but they can really do some big things! And this is especially true when it comes to building muscle. Research has constantly shown almonds to have the best benefits of most of the common nuts we know today. Want to try these little things out, but aren't sure how to go about it? Below are ten ways to gain muscle with almonds!

1. Raw

First thing's first: you can always enjoy these muscle-building morsels as they are! They can come in any form you like – chopped, slivered, blanched, roasted, sweet, salty – just take your pick! Just take a handful and pop them into your mouth or take a small sandwich bag full to go!

2. Milk

Yes, cows aren't the only things able to make milk! Almond milk, a mixture of ground almonds and filtered water, has gained popularity over the years, making it much easier to find. Almond milk is great for your cereals, milkshakes, or simply by itself to help you build up your protein.

3. Muffins

Looking for a way to get your protein in the morning? Try some muffins! Make any of your favorite kind of muffin by, instead of using regular flour, replacing it with almond flour. You'll never know what hit you!

4. Chicken Salad

Here's a great muscle-building option for lunch! Mix some slivered almonds in with your chicken salad mixture and make a sandwich! It will add an extra texture and element of flavor to your sandwich!

5. Cookies

Bet you didn't think you could indulge in your favorite sweet treat while packing protein, did you? Well you can! Instead of almond flour, you can simply use almond butter to make this delicacy. Hey, go crazy: have your almond butter cookies with some almond milk, if you'd like!

6. Spread

You have peanut butter, hazelnut spread, walnut butter…why not almond butter? This is a great alternative for people who suffer from peanut allergies but don't want to deal with worrying about the extra calories(it's about the same per tablespoon)!

7. Salad

Tired of having the same old boring salad every day for lunch? Spice things up with adding some chipped almonds into the mix! Just as with the chicken salad, it will add a new texture and element to the salad. Check it out!

8. Oatmeal

Here's another option for your morning routine: oatmeal! Some people like to add fruit, some like to add sugar, you should try adding some almonds! The almonds will give another crunch and flavor to your plain old oats!

9. Coleslaw

Looking for a side item to have, but still want to have some muscle-building benefits? Try out some Coleslaw! Shred some cabbage or Coleslaw mix, scallions,vinegar, and almonds! Try out a new dish and get your protein all at the same time!

10. Parfait

Last but not least, almonds can also be enjoyed in a parfait! Go out and pick up some yogurt, fruit, and your almonds! Not only will this parfait be delicious, all of those healthy ingredients won't make you suffer later for indulging!

Jessica Starks

Jessica Starks is a freelance writer and blogger. She is passionate about writing and sharing new, helpful information with her audience. Jessica also hopes to inspire others to strive to live healthier and happier lifestyles.

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