12 Healthy Reasons to Eat More Parsley

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12 Healthy Reasons to Eat More Parsley

Jun 16, 2015 //

Some foods that are really good for you are easily overlooked. Take parsley, for instance. Relatively bland and basic, you probably need a few reasons to eat more parsley. Generally used as a seasoning, parsley doesn’t seem like a nutritional powerhouse and it is hardly a food that people commonly snack on or rave about.

Surprisingly enough there are many benefits for eating parsley!

Parsley health benefits range from offering plenty of nutrients, to preventing the occurrences of major diseases. For example, parsley:

1. Helps To Prevent Disease

Loaded with a flavonoid called apigenin, parsley is known as a cancer-fighting agent. Apigenin has even been known to shrink tumors in some cases. The anti-oxidant properties of parsley are also great for combatting cancer. Parsley is also known for fighting off and preventing other diseases, like diabetes.

2. Improves Bone Health

Eating just a few sprigs of fresh parsley provides you with a large amount of vitamin K. Proven to improve bone health, vitamin K helps the bones to absorb needed nutrients like calcium more effectively. Plus, people who fail to consume enough vitamin K experience a higher risk of problems with the bones, including fracturing.

3. Vitamin K Helps Blood Clotting

Besides helping to boost bone health, the plentiful vitamin K found in parsley also improves blood clotting levels. As a result, people consuming plenty of parsley are likely to reduce the risk of bleeding excessively when wounded and may even find their wounds heal faster.

4. Provides Iron

Another important benefit, parsley lowers your blood pressure. By providing a large dose of iron to its consumers, parsley fights anemia and improves blood pressure. In turn, the iron helps to improve heart and circulatory health in general. Parsley even helps to strengthen blood vessels.

5. Contains Vitamin A

An often overlooked but important nutrient, vitamin A, like parsley, is easy to forget about. Fortunately, when you remember to eat your parsley, you also get some vitamin A and consequently help keep your vision, skin, and immune system healthy.

6. Gives You Vitamin C

There’s a reason that you have been told to get more vitamin C. Able to fight off disease and keep the immune system fine-tuned, vitamin C is really good for you as a preventative nutrient. Fortunately, parsley is loaded with it. Other benefits of getting your vitamin C include helping your metabolism and enabling your body to absorb iron better.

7. Offers Vitamin B

Multi-purpose and complex, vitamin B benefits the body in a multitude of ways. Helping to make new cells, enhancing nerve functions, and balancing metabolism are just a few of the many ways that vitamin B contributes to your overall health. Vitamin B also contributes to eye, skin, digestive, and bone health.

8. Offers Anti-Inflammatory Phyto-Nutrients

If you’ve been struggling with inflammation, try adding parsley to a few meals. You can even add it to a green smoothie or a juice cleanse. The phyto-nutrients in parsley, including the oil eugenol, are considered anti-arthritic and provide relief to the joints in particular. Eating parsley can also decrease swelling and puffiness, like bags under the eyes.

9. Balances the Digestive System

Parsley is also known for helping to balance out some of the body’s more delicate processes and systems. Focusing mainly on the digestive system, for example, parsley can:

  • Decrease bloating
  • Ease cramping
  • Help heal urinary tract infections
  • Reduce water retention
  • Detoxify your liver

As a result, parsley contributes to feeling and looking slimmer by knocking down water weight and related bloated appearances. Its ability to detoxify if also important for keeping your digestive system balanced and regular.

10. Fights Bad Breath

Part of parsley’s detoxifying ability is that it causes the body to produce more positive digestive enzymes. At the same time, parsley has high levels of chlorophyll. This ingredient helps to fight bad breath, or, in scientific terms, halitosis. Adding just a bit of parsley to your food –even very strongly scented food- can help your body naturally cure the bad breath that might follow.

11. Serves as An Anti-Bacterial Agent

One of the reasons that parsley helps to combat bad breath is that has anti-bacterial traits that help clean and sanitize the mouth. Cutting down on the development of bad bacteria in the mouth and the digestive system helps to reduce stomach aches and acidity, as well as to make the immune and digestive systems healthier as a whole.

12. Enhances Immune System

Due to parsley’s makeup of essential vitamins and anti-oxidants, it’s not surprise that parsley is excellent for the immune system. Helping to produce more red blood cells and to keep the immune system otherwise active and strong, parsley is great for consuming regularly. Parsley is great for when you feel like you’re getting sick and need a little help with disease prevention.

Bethany McIlrath

Bethany McIlrath is a freelance writer who loves sharing tips with her readers to help them to live healthier, fuller lives. Living the busy and sedentary life of a writer, she understands that staying healthy and fit can require creativity. With a passion for motivating others and enthusiasm for food and fitness, Bethany is confident that you can tweak a little here and there in your diet and your routine to boost your health and live more vibrantly.

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