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12 Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes

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12 Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes

Living a good health-conscious lifestyle means always being on the hunt for those vitamin-packed foods that don’t turn the taste buds sour first bite in, then onwards. We were raised on the notion broccoli, though generally tough to consume, was a sure-fire means to promote a healthier growth and development into the adults we are today. However it just so turns out the amount of vitamin A you receive from one sweet potato is equivalent to 23 cups of broccoli!

Here we’ve rounded up 12 sweet potato recipes that are too good to have throughout the cold season.

1. Pumpkin Pie In A Bowl

We can only exercise such a level of will power in the face of pumpkin spiced, pie-crusted, ‘my goodness.’ The ingredients that come together to constitute the ‘pumpkin pie in a bowl’ are beautifully, all raw and directly promote robust exuberance.

Your taste buds will respond with approval, craving more of the pie from a bowl as soon as possible; while your healthily motivated conscience will rest easy.

The Recipe

2. Cajun Sweet Potatoes

We’re all for the sweetness, but occasionally our hearts might burn with fiery, spicy, desires. Presenting the Cajun Sweet Potatoes, and recipe adapted off of Whole Foods, fresh cooked section. When the medium is struck between sinfully sweet, and stupendously spicy – beautiful foods happen. Read up, cook, and enjoy.

3. Salt, Pepper, ‘N Sweets

The reality we all believe; fries, they’re just not good for you. The truth; this recipe exclaims, they can be! When cooked with palm/coconut oil, and treated with gluten-free, fresh ingredients the saturated fat crisis can be entirely diverted.

The Recipe

4. Sweet Potato Black Bean Burritos

Burritos are great, especially those monstrous, wrapped up, south of the healthy calorie-intake-border Chipotle wraps. The sweet potato black bean burritos allow you to indulge in those Mexican food-fan hungers, while keeping it relatively healthy.

The Recipe

5. Sweet Potato And Spinach Quesadillas

The sweet potato and spinach quesadillas, allow for a quick, streamlined, throw-together prep, and will be ready for consumption startlingly shortly, thereafter. A glaring plus for all the anti-milk consumers out there, is the calcium in that of the quesadilla’s mozzarella cheese is equivocal to a glass of milk.

The Recipe

6. The Sweet Potato Noodle Kugel

With reduced fat sour cream, and a minimalized amount of sugar this dish tastes sweet to the extent you’ll feel as if it should be served as dessert – when in fact it’s healthy enough for a victoriously, fit-conscious dinner.

The Recipe

7. Lamb And Sweet Potato Curry Stew

Winter is in full stride and the lamb and sweet potato curry stew reassures the fitness-freaks hibernation within homes can in fact be a healthy activity. Furthermore, the chicken in the curry, alongside the organic peppers and onions fuse together to form an all-the-healthier dish.

The Recipe

8. Sweet Potatoes Stuffed With Shrimp And Salsa

Some genius out there took it upon themselves to develop a recipe in which inherently healthy seafood alongside zesty salsa are stuffed into already healthy sweet potatoes -The result; a serendipitously sweet, seafood kind of maddening awesome.

The Recipe

9. Sweet Potato And Ginger Soup

Though a simply assembled dish, this soup packs a powerfully pungent flavor through the medium of a spice we all know, cherish, and love; ginger. Additionally the soup boasts the tremendously, healthy trio – fat-free, cholesterol free, and almostcalorie free.

10. Chicken With Roasted Sweet Potato Salad

This is another straightforward recipe that maintains healthiness despite its general simplicity. In around 30 minutes of prep/cook-time, you’ll have a plate packed hearty with healthy goodness. The chicken cooked, and distributed within the salad will quell a hunger that might’ve otherwise been left unsatisfied by salad served alone.

The Recipe

11. Sweet Potato Spread

Watching your favorite sports teams compete on the big screen are all spontaneous parts of our weekly existence. Unfortunately, the chips and their extra-guacamole, fiery-cheesy dips take their respective tolls on the calorie counts we’re so avidly working to cut. The sweet potato spread however, mixed and mashed with Greek yogurt (automatic healthiness right there) and curry promotes the healthy livin’ we’re actively seekin’.

The Recipe

12. Sweet Potato Casserole

A simple substitute of half and half for butter allows for this lighter take on the casserole to sustain an adequate level of healthiness, while retaining that sweet and hearty allure that’ll have all gathered around with emptied plates, ready for seconds!

The Recipe

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