15 Easy Diet Tips For Weight Loss

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15 Easy Diet Tips For Weight Loss

Jul 7, 2015 //

As you begin selecting from one of the hundreds of weight loss diets out there, it’s important to know that losing weight isn’t just about which foods you cut out or how many calories you limit yourself to consuming.

In fact, some of the best tips for weight loss aren’t even focused on your diet specifically, but on complementing it. Of course, many diet tips for weight loss are helpful too, though.

Check out these top 15 dieting tips for weight loss:

1. Eat All The Time –Really!

Going hungry might sound like a natural part of losing weight, but it shouldn’t be. When you’re hungry, you make poorer decisions and might break your diet on impulse. Stay full instead by eating small, but healthy, snacks throughout the day.

2. Pre-Prep Snacks

To ensure that your snacks are healthy, it’s best to prep them ahead of time. Snacks are, by their nature, supposed to be quick, easy, and convenient.  Unfortunately, most snacks that naturally have those traits are heavily processed and fatty. If you pre-prep your snacks, you can change that. Slice apples to have on hand as needed, or make your own healthy cracker packs –with small portions and all!

3. Think Alternatives

If you’re having trouble thinking of healthy snacks or meals, try thinking about foods you enjoy or crave and then identifying better-for-you alternatives. For example, if you know you crave sweets at bedtime, prep sweet fruits to snack on instead of candy.

4. Choose Drinks First

Sometimes drinks can satisfy food cravings –and usually they do so without all of the calories. Plus, drinking regularly keeps you hydrated and enables your body to lose weight more efficiently. Look for naturally flavored waters or make your own.

5. Don’t Go Cold Turkey

If there are foods you have to give up (and there probably are) don’t go cold turkey. Just limit your portions and how often you indulge in your guilty pleasure. Giving up on a food completely is unnecessary and really difficult to maintain.

6. Plan Ahead For Fast Food

Your life is still busy, so chances are that once in a while, you’ll need to eat out at a fast food joint. Make a list before you get busy for fast food options that work with your diet plan. Then, when you’re rushed, you’ll know what your best options are.

7. Develop Some Silly Habits

Humor can curb cravings –and exercise helps you to lose weight. Pick up some silly habits for when you’re really tempted. For instance, get wiggly every time you’re seriously tempted to eat those fatty French fries.

8. Don’t Distract Yourself While Eating

Distraction is great when avoiding giving into cravings –but it’s terrible while eating. If you eat while distracted, you won’t pay attention to your portions. So, when you sit down to eat a meal or a snack, do just that.

9. Create “Free” Menus

It’s tough to go completely “fat free” or “low-carb.” Try creating menus that fit the criteria and eating based off those menus on certain nights of the week. You’ll find yourself less tempted to break your diet and still lose weight.

10. Count More Than Calories

Counting the calories you consume is popular, but it’s most helpful if you also count how much exercise will be required to burn the same number of calories. It’s much easier to say no to a cookie with 200 calories when you know that it will take two miles of running to make up for it!

11. Make A Workout Plan

Dieting alone won’t help you to lose significant amounts of weight. You’ll need an exercise plan that you can stick to as well.

12. Choose Exercises You Enjoy

The best exercise plan for you will be one that you enjoy. Choose a plan that includes forms of exercise you enjoy, like yoga or dance. Intersperse them with the exercises you don’t enjoy as much but that are really good for you.

13. Set Goals Accordingly

Once you’ve figured out your workout and your dieting plans, set some goals. You’ll likely lose sight of why you’re doing all these difficult things to lose weight and might get discouraged if you don’t have goals to meet.

14. Get People to Hold You Accountable

Don’t keep your goals to yourself, though. Most people find that when they have someone to hold them accountable, they stick to their diet and workout plans more effectively. Ask a friend or someone else you know who is trying to lose weight to hold you accountable.

15. Find Non-Food Rewards

Incentives work. That’s a fact. For those goals you meet, give yourself a reward. To keep the larger goal in mind, set a reward in plain view, like a dress that’s two sizes smaller than you are now. Just try to find rewards that aren’t food-based!

Bethany McIlrath

Bethany McIlrath is a freelance writer who loves sharing tips with her readers to help them to live healthier, fuller lives. Living the busy and sedentary life of a writer, she understands that staying healthy and fit can require creativity. With a passion for motivating others and enthusiasm for food and fitness, Bethany is confident that you can tweak a little here and there in your diet and your routine to boost your health and live more vibrantly.

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