15 Foods Packed Full of Vitamins

Mar 12, 2015 //

We’re all on a hunt for those foods that taste just north of pleasant, and have supple supplies of vitamins to help us sustain healthful lifestyles. Enjoy these foods, which are as rich in vitamins A, D and C as they are in flavor.

1. Broccoli

Turns out just 100 grams of broccoli provide you more than 150% of your daily-recommended vitamin C intake. Vitamin C’s the stuff you need to keep up your body’s ability to repair and grow nerve and muscle tissue. Additionally, as you’ve been told since you were a child, vitamin C helps keep colds away, and especially during cold and flu season, your immune system needs all the help it can get.

2. Steamed Brussels Sprouts

Steaming those Brussels sprouts allows for them to do an even better job at latching onto acids within your digestive tract, by effect causing an easier release of bile acids and generally lower cholesterol levels. Additionally these miracle sprouts are jam packed with Vitamin K, which plays a huge role in combating blood clotting and supporting the sustained growth of healthy, strong bones.

3. Peanut Butter

The spread comes rich in Vitamin E, which is key for healthy skin, a strong immune system and god vision. Plus, peanuts when consumed regularly have played have played a direct hand in lowering risk for cardiovascular disease. Whether it’s toast and peanut butter, or a late night snack of peanut butter scooped out the jar with an apple wedge, if you make efforts to consume the spread more often, you’ll make your heart happy.

4. Almonds    

Here’s another nut rich in Vitamin E, which serves an invaluable role in maintaining vision and a strong immune system, and also helps sustain high energy levels. Maybe you have an early morning yoga class or academic class and think there’s just no way you’re going to prepare breakfast beforehand…no worries! Just pack a small bag of almonds and you’re set with an all-natural fuel that took less than a minute to put together!

5. Carrot Juice           

Though carrots have a fairly high sugar content for a veggie, they actually work as impressively efficient blood sugar regulators. That’s because their natural sugars are easily digested by the body. Additionally, carrots are rich in pro-vitamin A, which is essential for keeping up solid vision (especially at night) also fueling the production of protective cells responsible for combating sources of infection.

6. Sweet Potato

We’ve already covered the vitamin A packed health benefits that broccoli serves up – it just so happens that the vitamin A in one sweet potato is equal to that of 23 cups of broccoli! Plus there are many creative, tasty ways to consume the good ‘ol sweet potato – we recommend you start with our 12 healthy sweet potato recipes!

7. Garbanzo and Black Beans

Next time you prepare a southwestern inspired dish, incorporate garbanzo and/or black beans. The beans come rich in folate (vitamin B9), a vitamin that plays a role in maintaining healthy sperm, and helps the body process homocysteine, which can help maintain heart health and diminish your risk of stroke.

8. Chicken

The B6 vitamins in a serving of chicken promote healthy brain development, and aid the body in its process of producing melatonin and regulating your mood through the production and release of hormones serotonin and norepinephrine.

9. Sockeye Salmon

Rich in vitamin B12, the sockeye salmon possesses the power to quite literally boost your mood, combat against memory loss as your body ages, and improve the systematic workings of your immune system. Plus, salmon tastes kind of ridiculously great most the time.

10. Clams

Another food rich in B12, clams additionally contain 140 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids per 3 ½ ounces. Experts say we should be shooting for 250 to 500 milligrams of the omega-3 fatty acids daily.

11. Frozen Spinach

A study conducted at UC Davis determined that, by simply freezing spinach, the ascorbic acid’s lifetime is greatly preserved, thus preserving the amount of Vitamin C in it. Bottom line: Get the spinach. Freeze the spinach. Eat the frozen spinach. And feel your body smile in response to that rush of vitamin C!

12. Canned Pumpkin

A can of pumpkin product provides your body 762% of the daily recommended value of Vitamin A; not quite as tasty as say, a slice of pumpkin pie, but hey it’s close and you’re fueling your body with much-needed vitamin A – and avoiding the high-calorie pie crust!

13. Papaya

Not only does this eating fruit remind you of your latest tropical vacation, but at just one single, medium sized serving you’re consuming 224% of your daily recommended Vitamin C!

14. Red Bell Peppers

With a full cup of red bell peppers you get a mere 45 calories, and a mile more than your recommended daily values of vitamins A and C. Plus, there’s a world of possibilities when it comes to figuring out clever, creative, tasty meals you can incorporate the red bell peppers into.

15. Sunflower Oil

Rich in vitamin E, sunflower oil works wonders in the way of improving, and sustaining healthy skin. With enough sunflower oil incorporated into your diet, you might just find yourself skipping the pricey corrective facials!


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