20 Tasty Summertime Desserts Under 200 Calories

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20 Tasty Summertime Desserts Under 200 Calories

Jun 30, 2015 //

Whether you’re making use of seasonal fresh fruit, crave something cold and refreshing or feel like a decadent indulgence just because, it’s easier than you think to whip up low-calorie desserts during the summertime. We’ve found 20 that will satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping your healthy lifestyle on track. Each of these desserts is less than 200 calories, so skip the guilt and enjoy!

1. Frozen Blackberry-Lemon Chiffon Pie

(Recipe from MyRecipes.com)

Even the name of this heaven-sent dessert sounds refreshing!

Calories per serving: 166

2. Spiced Chocolate Mousse

(Recipe from FitnessMagazine.com)

This fun twist on mousse is a flavor-packed way to do chocolate.

Calories per serving: 170

3. Blueberry Lemon Mousse

(Recipe from CountryCleaver.com)

If you’re not a chocolate person, try this mouth-watering variation on mousse instead.

4. Balsamic Strawberries with Ricotta Cream

(Recipe from CookingChannelTV.com)

Summer berries are irresistible. Paired with ricotta cream makes for a sophisticated and satisfying end to a meal.

Calories per serving: 180

5. Skinny Pina Colada Popsicles

(Recipe from CommunityTable.com)

Like the song says, if you like Pina Coladas, then you’ll certainly love these adult popsicles

Calories Per Serving: 85

6. Coffee Granita

(Recipe from Low-Cholesterol.Food.com)

This pick-me-up is like a fully loaded iced coffee.

Calories per serving: 20

7. Mango & Passion Fruit Roulade

(Recipe from BBCGoodFood.com)

This roulade is as pretty as it is delicious.

Calories per serving 153

8. Crunchy Chocolate Marshmallow Bark

(Recipe from Shape.com)

It’s hard to believe this satisfying, indulgent isn't even 150 calories, but it truly is!

Calories per serving: 140

9. Watermelon Granita with Blueberries

(Recipe from Epicurious.com)

As summery as backyard barbeques and days at the beach, summer fruit plays a starring roll in this icy treat.

Calories per serving: 126

10. Roasted Plums with Greek Yogurt

(Recipe from Epicurious.com)

When you roast fruit, you bring out its natural sweetness even more. Paired with creamy and satisfying Greek yogurt, it’s almost a meal in itself.

Calories per serving: 140

11. Rustic Plum-and-Almond Tart

(Recipe from Health.com)

Though traditional tarts tend to be high-fat affairs, this one keeps the calories down by letting the fruit take center stage.

Calories per serving: 188

12. S’mores Mini Cakes

(Recipe from BettyCrocker.com)

By exercising a bit of portion control, you can indulge in this favorite summertime dessert.

Calories per serving: 88

13. Angel Food Cake

(Recipe from AllRecipes.com)

Light, airy and delicious, it's no wonder that angel food cake got its name because it was considered to be "food of the angels.”

Calories per serving: 137

14. Grilled Summer Fruit

(Recipe from GiadaDeLaurentiis.com)

We’re used to grilling vegetables or chicken, but keep your grill fired up for dessert, too. Fruit grilled is a decadent and sugary dessert that’s healthy, too!

Calories per serving: 88

15. One Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

(Recipe from ChopChopMag.org)

Have you tried this yet? If not, you’ll be amazed what happens when you run a frozen banana through your food processor. Give it time—it’ll transform into the consistency of ice cream! Add a dash of vanilla or a pinch of cinnamon or cocoa powder if you want—though it’s not required.

Calories per serving: 153

16. Rice Krispies Treats

(Recipe from RiceKrispies.com)

Yes, these kid-friendly marshmallow goodies are actually diet-friendly. Go ahead, match up a batch for the whole family and join in the sticky-fingered fun.

Calories per serving: 140

17. Watermelon Popsicles

(Recipe from TheKitchn.com)

Freezing is such a natural fit for this popular and versatile fruit, and these popsicles are an impressively low 25 calories each.

Calories per serving: 25

18. Frozen Cardamom Bombe with Watermelon-Cantaloupe Center

(Recipe from MyRecipes.com)

It sounds complex, but it’s really not. (Shh—don’t tell your guests. Let them be impressed with your prowess in the kitchen!)

Calories per serving: 173

19. Chocolate Brownies

(Recipe from BBCGoodFood.com)

It sounds impossible, but these chocolate brownies are moist and flavorful but not a calorie bomb. Yum!

Calories per serving: 191

20. Peach Cobbler

(Recipe from Cooks.com)

Have a slice of summer any time of year – this recipe calls for canned peaches.

Calories per serving: 96

Andrea Pyros

Andrea Pyros is a writer and editor based in New York’s Hudson Valley region. She is also the author of the middle grade novel, My Year of Epic Rock, about food allergies, 7th grade crushes, and a band named The EpiPens.

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