2000-Calories Diet for Men


2000-Calories Diet for Men

Dec 12, 2013 //

To eat well and appropriately is essential to keep a healthy balance in your life. An average man needs about 2000 calories per day which helps him maintain a good weight and feel refreshed all day. Why not break your meals in four segments for a healthy and nourishing day?

2000-Calories Diet Plan for Men

A 2000-calories diet plan can help improve an average adult male’s physical stamina, while maintaining a healthy weight. So skip those unhealthy snacks and tailor your food pattern as follows.

Breakfast: To Start Your Day

Breakfast is an essential and main meal of the day that must not be skipped. Skipping your breakfast means you are jump-starting your body on the leftover energies of yesterday – no wonder skipping breakfast has adverse affects and leaves us dull and lethargic throughout the day. Breakfast is associated with many health benefits and for men on 2000-calorie diet plan, breakfast serves to start the day well, control weight and improve performance.

Men who wish to follow a 2000-calories diet must have a breakfast containing no more than 600 calories. The breakfast menu may include:

  • One cup skimmed milk, one large banana, and one slice of whole-wheat toast smeared with one tea spoon of butter.
  • One cup orange juice and light yogurt followed by three scrambled eggs and two slices of whole-wheat toast with one tea spoon margarine.
  • You can also have oat meal with apples and hazelnuts or the delicious fat free ham and cheese scones with banana corn muffins.

Lunch: To Stay Active

Lunch is the second most important meal of the day. Choose Carbs carefully when you are on a 2000-calories diet plan. Keep your lunch up to 600 calories. Avoid those highly refined carbohydrates as they get digested quickly and your body soon needs energy again. You can feed on fruits and vegetables due of their lower glycemic index. They tend to provide energy for a longer time period.

Lunch ideas for men on a 2000-calories diet plan may include:

  • Turkey sandwich on wholegrain bread.
  • Graze on one slice of cheese pizza along with curried chicken salad with apples and raisins, a cup of mixed fruit such as grapes, water melon and blue berries.
  • If you crave chocolate, eating a banana is not likely to satisfy you. Enjoy an oat meal and chocolate chip cookies instead.


Fix your snacks on about 300 calories per day. Snacks help restrain appetite and prevent over-eating at meal time. So clear your drawer of junk food and keep a dish of nutritious snacks by your side.

  • Choices may include saltine crackers with one tablespoon peanut butter, a fruit smoothie made of half cup juice, half a banana and half cup strawberries.
  • You could also munch on nuts as they have good cholesterol.
  • Tropic yogurt parfait is another good idea with one cut up kiwi and quarter cut up mango; frozen yogurt with blueberries would also do.

Dinner: Feed On Lean Meals

Pay attention to what you eat for dinner and keep the calories in check. Make sure you don’t exceed 500 calories at dinner. Keep your dinner light and early. People who eat late at night tend to eat more.

Meal Ideas

Men on 2000-calories diet plan should not consume more than 500 calories during dinner. A variety of healthy dinner choices are open to you as long as you keep the calorie check tight. Good choices for this meal may include:

  • Spaghetti with meatballs, made of one cup cooked pasta, three 1-oz. meatballs and half a cup of tomato sauce.
  • Grilled Fish, preferably salmon, with wild rice and vegetables, half cup brown rice with steamed California vegetables with two cups tossed garden salad sprinkled with light salad dressing.


Eating nourishing and balanced variety of food is the main guideline for men who are on 2000-calories diet plan. So choose your food wisely and stay healthy.

Sandra Harrison

I am functioning currently as an Author for the Fitness Republic. The focal point of my writing is to integrate healthy habits in everyday life and healthy foods in everyday meals, despite of any economical and time confines. Moreover, it amalgamates cooking recipes, guidelines, tips, and celebrations.

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