3 Day Detox Plan


3 Day Detox Plan

Dec 3, 2014 //

We often hear of celebs and super models detoxing before a red carpet event, photo shoot, or fashion show. Ever wonder if a detox plan, even a short three day one is worth it? Here we explore the benefits of a three-day detox and look at the most popular one in the market, Dr. Oz’s Three Day Detox.

What Does Detoxing Mean?

First, however, it’s essential to understand how detoxing works and why it can be beneficial to your health. Often, detoxing requires one to remove a lot of items from their diet and, for many, anything over three days is going to do more harm than good. There is only so much shock your body can take, and quitting bad food habits at once while maintaining the restrictions can be a challenge most of us aren’t up too. (When the headaches and cravings hit, you’ll know why.) The benefits of detoxing can include weight loss and improved health, but its best to understand that the weight you will most likely lose will be water weight. If you go back to your regular old diet, everything will come back.

You may be asking yourself, “So what’s the point?” The point is to give your body a fresh start.

Our Bodies are on Overload

Let’s face it, our bodies are exposed to more toxins than it is often capable of filtering. Most of us are on overload, and we see it in hard to lose weight, unbalanced hormones, skin problems, and troubled digestive systems. Some of the toxins we put in our bodies can be found in the foods we consume that have high amounts of sodium, processed and artificial sweeteners, GMOs, and a whole host of artificial flavors and chemicals.

We also often overload on alcohol and caffeine. The above are just what we put into our bodies, but what about what our bodies are exposed to in our environment? The pores on our skin soak in the environmental toxins in the air and the topical toxins from the products we use. A detox will help you restart your body by taking it back to basic whole foods. If you want to start a new healthy lifestyle, a detox is a great way to jumpstart your endeavors.

The Allergy Problem

Another reason to try a detox is if you believe you suffer from a food allergy, but are having a hard time pinpointing which one. Even though you may go see an allergist and do the “prick test” or blood test, they do not always reveal accurate results and even with insurance can be quite costly. Another method of discovering an allergy is to detox. By removing the most common allergens and allowing your body to “restart” and cleanse, you can slowly re-introduce various foods back into your diet to see if they cause any reaction. Bear in mind, however, that with some food allergies, you may need to stay away from a specific food for longer than three days to cleanse your body of it. Consult your gastroenterologist or allergist for more information.

Dr. Oz’s Three Day Detox Plan

Because detoxing requires the removal of so many common foods from our diets, it’s comforting to have a plan from a trusted source like Dr. Oz. His plan is very simple, only costs $16, and requires nothing more than a blender. Dr. Oz’s plan requires the same regiment for each of the three days, but he encourages you to shake things up a bit by repeating your favorite version of the three meal drinks available, for a snack. The mornings always start with a detox tea—made from green tea, stevia and lemon—and the day always end with an Epsom salt and lavender oil detox bath. You can’t argue with the suggestion of a hot bath for three nights! Just remember to drink lots of water during this detox because your body will get rid of those toxins through sweat or other excretions. Dehydration and headache are a common side effect that water can help alleviate.



Carly Drake

Carly Drake is a freelance writer living in New York City. She grew up surrounded by health nuts and has tried nearly every fitness and diet trend out there. Since trends and fads really aren't her thing, her preferred method of staying healthy is sticking with whole foods, yoga, HIIT training, and Pilates.

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