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5 Easy Summer Dessert Recipes

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5 Easy Summer Dessert Recipes

Summer’s warm temperatures means less time in kitchen and more time out by the grill. Food gets fresher, dishes are simplified, and desserts turn easy-breezy. You can enjoy the season’s best offerings and whip up some quick, easy, and even healthy desserts in no time with these summer dessert recipes.

The best summer dessert recipes will provide the sweetness you crave from healthy seasonal offerings like the stone fruits, berries, melons, and cherries in abundance at your local farmer’s market or grocery store. Stock up, and you can make these easy recipes all summer long.

1. Grilled Peaches with Coconut Cream

Grilled peaches are the perfect summertime food, and a good source of antioxidant vitamin C. Plump, ripe, juicy peaches get even juicier when thrown on the grill. Topped with coconut cream and walnuts, this dessert is not only easy, it is also healthy. Vegan, vegetarian, clean eating, or Paleo; grilled peaches are sure to please everyone.

To make, grill peaches then top with coconut cream and walnuts. In this recipe for Paleo Grilled Peaches with Coconut Cream, a can of coconut milk is chilled to separate the cream. You can make an even thicker “whipped” cream by adding one more step and whipping the coconut cream with a stand or hand held mixer until it is light and airy. Vanilla and cinnamon add one more layer of flavor, without adding any extra sugar or calories to this healthy dessert.

2. Blueberry Crisp

When blueberry season strikes, you would be silly not to try as many blueberry recipes as possible! These tiny berries yield major nutritional benefits. Blueberries have some mighty potent antioxidant power to help your cells fight free radical damage that can lead to aging and illness. To get the most antioxidant nutrition from blueberries, choose wild over farmed and organic over conventionally grown. (Don’t worry, if you can’t find any organic, wild blueberries, even conventionally farmed berries are healthy and delicious.)

Blueberry Crisp is a delightful and decadent way to enjoy the summertime flavors of blueberries. Create the crisp topping, crumble over fresh berries, then bake. Summer dessert recipes almost don’t get easier than this.

3. Honeydew Melon in Coconut Milk

Honeydew is a light, refreshingly juicy, low calorie treat on its own. When added to coconut milk, honeydew becomes an elegant and simple summer dessert. Honeydew is a great source of beneficial nutrients including copper, potassium, B-vitamins and vitamin C.

Unsweetened coconut milk, honeydew melon, and lime make up this refreshing and exotic dish. Perfect for vegan, vegetarian, Paleo, and clean eating diets, Honeydew Melon in Coconut Milk has only 158 calories and 4g of fat in each serving.

4. Cherries Over Greek Yogurt

Tart Greek yogurt, sweet almond syrup, and juicy tart cherries are a tasty way to end a summer evening. If protein is your focus, you are going to love the 29 grams packed into each serving. This decadent dessert may be satisfying enough to skip dinner, or at least the perfect accompaniment to a light and low-calorie salad. Cherries in Almond Syrup Over Greek Yogurt is an easy way to enjoy the health benefits of cherries, including reduced muscle pain and accelerated strength restoration.

5. Watermelon Granita with Blueberries

If there is one single dessert that is a perfect representation of summer in each bite, it is definitely Watermelon Granita with Blueberries. A granita, or Italian ice, is a flavored and sweetened frozen dessert. Think of it as a more grown-up version of the slushes or sno-cones you enjoyed as a kid. You may not know this, but watermelon is an excellent source of lycopene – the antioxidant found in tomatoes that offers prostate protection and protects bones. If you are thirsty, watermelons are the perfect food for hydration, since they are 92% water. Watermelon Granita with Blueberries is cold, light, refreshing, hydrating, and healthy. This fat free dessert has only 126 calories per serving, and is completely fat free, not to mention being a vegan, vegetarian, Paleo, and clean eating dessert.

There you have it! The perfect, easy summer dessert recipes. Take advantage of the abundance of fresh seasonal fruits around you, and try one of these refreshing, delicious, and healthy recipes this summer. No matter what your diet plan, there is always room for dessert.

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