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5 High-fat Foods That Are Good For Your Health

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5 High-fat Foods That Are Good For Your Health

Years ago, we were told we could fill up on all the pasta,
bread and low-fat cookies and fat-free desserts we wanted and still stay trim
and healthy, so long as we steered clear of fat. Today, experts realize that a
diet made up of low-fat refined carbs and sugar isn’t a healthy one, but we’re
still receiving confusing and conflicting messages about fat. Is fat good? Is fat
bad? Won’t eating fat make us gain weight or lead to heart disease? You don’t
have to fear fat, and you can add it back into your diet, starting with these
filling and nutritious foods:  

1. Avocado

Creamy and delicious, avocados elevate sandwiches, salads, a
simple plate of rice and beans and just about everything else. This super fruit
provides fiber, potassium, vitamin E, folic acid and more, and also allows your
body to absorb more fat-soluble nutrients.

2. Nuts

A handful of high-protein nuts is the perfect on-the-go
snack, keeping you satiated and providing your body
with benefits
like improving the lining of your arteries and reducing your
risk of developing blood clots.

3. Eggs

It looks like eggs are firmly back on the menu again, after
taking a beating for their supposed danger to your heart. If you’re in good
health, eating up to an egg a day is just fine, say experts, who now
that eating foods high in cholesterol may not increase the risk of
heart disease. (If you have heart disease or diabetes, speak with your doctor
first before upping your egg intake.). Not only are eggs easy to prepare and an
affordable pantry staple, eggs have essential amino acids, plenty of protein, and
a variety of vitamins and minerals.

4. Olive Oil

Adherents of the Mediterranean Diet can expect
to reduce cardiovascular risk, scientists believe—and a major part of the
traditional Mediterranean diet is olive oil. This high-fat favorite is a
monounsaturated fat that’s good for your heart and body.

5. Full-fat Yogurt

While we’re talking Mediterranean, yogurt has been a dessert
staple in Greek households since the Acropolis was nothing but a blueprint. You
already know yogurt is bursting with protein and calcium, but when made with
whole milk, it’s flavorful and creamy, making it a smart way to satisfy your
sweet tooth. Drizzle with a bit of honey and top with walnuts for a traditional
after-dinner treat.

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