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5 Perfect Recipes to Arouse Your Libido

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5 Perfect Recipes to Arouse Your Libido

Ooh, do we have a spicy list for you. These five libido-boosting foods will improve your mood, increase your sex drive and bring you and your partner closer than you’ve ever imagined. Pour yourself a glass of wine, grab a spoon, and dig in.

1. Merlot-Poached Pears With Vanilla and Cinnamon

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This recipe is honestly sexy. It’s flavorful and delicious and you could serve it at a dinner party, but you’re probably better off saving it for a night when it’s just you and your honey. Vanilla and cinnamon are both well-documented aphrodisiacs: vanilla was prescribed to male patients in the 1700s for potency, and cinnamon is thought to increase the sexual appetite by producing heat in the body.

2. Steamy Artichokes With Lemon-Pepper Butter

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C’mon, even the title of this recipe is hot. Did you know 16th century women were prohibited from eating artichokes because they were thought to make them too lustful? Bring this forbidden vegetable back to your kitchen and prepare for a special evening. The lemon-pepper butter alone is enough to make you weak in the knees.

3. Mixed Melon Salad with Cilantro and Lime

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Here’s something you may not know about watermelon. Its fruity flesh – the part that’s closest to the rind – can help your blood vessels expand and contract.  Make this super-refreshing dish as a prelude to a special night.

4. Strawberry-Almond Cream Tart

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Ah, almonds. Here’s another food with a long-documented aphrodisiac history. The aroma, once thought to bring out passion in women, may have played a key role in the days when Samson was rumored to chase after Delilah with the branches of an almond tree. A longtime symbol of fertility, almonds top just about every libido-arousing list. This recipe can be made up to two days early – though once and you and your partner start eating, there’s no telling how much time you have before you end up in the bedroom.

5. Oysters with Champagne-Vinegar Mignonette

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Rumor has it that Casanova consumed 50 oysters a day. Oysters are nature’s highest source of zinc, and zinc raises testosterone levels and libido. Think beyond Valentine’s Day and make any night a special occasion with this meal. Your sweetheart will thank you.



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