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5 Quick and Easy Weight-Loss Friendly Dinner Recipes

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5 Quick and Easy Weight-Loss Friendly Dinner Recipes

When it comes to dinner, you really can have it all. Nutritious, flavorful, quick, easy, healthy: in one meal. If you’re trying to lose weight, aim to keep your dinners around 400 to 500 calories. Make life easy by choosing meals that are quick and simple to prepare. A few of the ideas on this list only take 10 minutes to make. Don’t give up on flavor or presentation just because you’re keeping it healthy: make one of these dinners and have it all.  

1. Grilled Pork Chop with Asparagus

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You won’t feel deprived with this meal: you’ll get a pork chop, mashed potatoes, sautéed asparagus, whipped butter, bell pepper strips, light ranch dressing and fresh raspberries for 500 calories. Eating well doesn’t have to mean eating bare – fill up that plate with good-for-you ingredients and walk away from the meal satisfied.

2. Chicken and Tomato Basil Pomodoro Zucchini Pasta

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Investing in a spiralizer for your kitchen can open a whole new world of nutritional possibilities. A spiralizer is a device that lets you turn vegetables into noodles, so instead of using heavy pasta, you can use light veggies in your favorite meals. This meal, which features noodles made from zucchini, is flavorful, low-calorie, low-carb, and a great source of lean protein thanks to the chicken. Dig in and drop pounds!

3. Stuffed Chili and Cheese Potato

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Whether you’re trying to lose weight or not, nobody likes to eat a wimpy meal that leads to hunger again an hour later. Fuel up, fill up, and forget about it with this hearty dinner that clocks in under 500 calories. As a bonus, this four-ingredient meal takes less than 15 minutes to prepare.

4. Asparagus-Mushroom Mini Lasagnas

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Serve yourself food that looks like diet food and you’ll get bored and discouraged fast. Serve yourself a meal that’s visually pleasing, features decadent tastes, and happens to contain healthy ingredients, and you’ll want to stick with it. You can serve these tasty mini lasagnas at a dinner party and no one will ever guess you’re trying to lose weight. They’ll just think you’re serving them delicious and beautiful food, which is the way it should be.

5. Fresh Burrito Bowl

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This dish only has 350 calories, so go ahead and add a half cup of brown rice to make it more filling. You don’t need much time to prepare this basic meal, but for something so simple you sure get a lot: fresh veggies, fiber, lean protein, and yummy spices. Make it once and it may become one of your go-to mid-week dinners.

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