5 Ways to Deal With Sugar Detox


5 Ways to Deal With Sugar Detox

Jan 13, 2015 //

Sugar’s evolved as an unofficial staple of the average food consumer’s diet; and it’s taking its destructive toll. In fact, the average American has been estimated to consume 152 pounds of sugar a year.

To think we’ve allowed ourselves to fall into this sugary river that perpetuates sugar driven obesity is unsettling and disheartening, and calls for universal action. No doubt, full-on detox isn’t the only way to a healthier lifestyle, but if you chose to cut out sugar completely, we commend you and want to help ease the journey. The following five tips will lead enlightened, sugar detoxifying individuals down a less treacherous path.

1. Get plenty of sleep.

Your body when operating on lesser amounts of sleep is susceptible to significant cuts in hunger-suppressing hormones, which in turn can leave you with maddened carb/sugar cravings. Luckily, you can sleep the sugar cravings away, and carve a livable detox through giving your body what it needs, above all else: rest.

2. Fall back on fat.

When you embark on a sugar detox, fat intake isn’t recommended – it’s encouraged. Fat will balance your blood sugar and provide your cells with the fuel they need to ensure your body stays in a functional state. Make efforts to consume the good fats to keep yourself healthy and from thwarting your efforts to cut out the junk.

3. Use relaxation and deep breathing.

Surging stress levels produce greater levels of cortisol, and cortisol in turn increases your hunger, belly fat storage and can even lead to type-2 diabetes. Various scientific studies indicate implementing deep breathing techniques calls to action the vagus nerve, which metabolizes fat. In other words, you can easily avoid storing unwanted fat in your body with conscious, deep breathing efforts.

4. Eat a high-protein breakfast.

A hearty, high-protein breakfast will sustain ideal blood sugar levels while balancing your body’s insulin and cutting cravings that could crop up later in the day. We recommend this omelet, high in protein, packed full of a vibrant variety of veggies, and all parts tasty-awesome!

5. Prepare for the worst-case scenario.

You could be stuck in an airport with a three-hour delayed flight, and no sugar-free options within sight; this is why you must, must carry an emergency life pack! The pack will be chalk-full of high-protein snacks, and an assortment of the right kinds of fats. Don’t settle for helplessness, weary, sugar-detox traveler; determine the outcome.

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