5 Ways to Prevent Winter Dehydration


5 Ways to Prevent Winter Dehydration

Mar 5, 2015 //

As many of us deal with persistently cold and crisp
temperatures, we sweat less and have less desire to drink the amount of water we
need to stay hydrated. Some of us swap out meals with more natural hydration
(salads as an example), and instead seek comfort in soups, caffeinated teas and
many high-starch, bready dishes. Unfortunately through consuming higher levels
of sodium, and throwing back less water, we’re playing a direct hand in
dehydrating our bodies and leaving them ill-prepared to deal with the freeze
outside. Use these tips to combat winter dehydration.

1. Coconut Water or Bananas, Take Your Pick

Coconut water is rich in potassium, which allows water to enter
your body’s cells. Don’t love the taste? We recommend chocolate or orange
flavored coconut water. You can also add a banana into your daily eating
regimen to get the potassium you need.

2. Eat Some Mushrooms

Ideally, seek out Tremella mushrooms for the most pronounced
health benefits. These little miracle ‘shrooms contain
polysaccharides, which are directly
capable of hydrating your skin and keep
it from drying and cracking in response to colder, drier winter air.

3. Drink Lots and Lots of H2O

You’ve been told since you could comprehend words and their
meanings that drinking enough water is the cornerstone toward sustaining a
healthful lifestyle – and yet most of us still struggle with abiding by the
age-old commandment! Simply consider your weight, divide that number in half,
and the number you’re left with is how many ounces of water you need to consume
to stay hydrated each day.

4. Cut Back on Sodium    

Really, you shouldn’t be consuming foods with more
than 250 mg of sodium per serving
. Watch closely those foods that come frozen
or in cans, since they tend to contain greater levels of sodium for
preservation. Of course, in no way are we recommending you cut out sodium from
your diet altogether. Just incorporate the stuff lightly into your meals. Seek
out those sea salts that come rich in variety of minerals, and favor salt-alternatives
now and again. Many spices offer flavor without the salt.

5. Switch Out Coffee for Tea Every Now and Again

Consider green tea. The miracle beverage vastly diminishes
risks of developing heart disease and
type 2 diabetes. It contributes to weight loss and decreases inflammation,
which helps those suffering with arthritis
. Additionally tea’s main
ingredient, water, will keep you hydrated.

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