7 Reasons Why Juicing Works

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7 Reasons Why Juicing Works

Jul 29, 2015 //

Do you have a friend or gym buddy who extols the virtue of juicing, but you’re not quite sure what the fuss is all about? Freshly pressed fruits and vegetables can be delicious and juicing is an excellent addition to your healthy living toolbox. Read on for seven reasons why juicing works (and a few things to keep in mind before you get started, too!).

1. Juicing Helps You Eat Enough Fruits And Vegetables

If you’re like many Americans, you’re not meeting the government’s recommended guidelines for fruit and vegetable consumption. In fact, only about 13% of us are eating enough fruit and less than 9% of us get enough vegetables! Drinking freshly pressed juice is a simple way to boost your consumption of these very important, very healthy foods.

2. Juicing Helps You Get A Rainbow Of Colors Into Your Diet

Maybe you’ve got a few fruits or vegetables in your rotation already, but could do better eating a rainbow of colors. Eating a rainbow every day is a smart way to make sure you’re getting the full range of the health benefits these fresh foods can provide. In one drink, you can blend a colorful range of produce together to make one yummy, healthy drink.

3. You Can Save Money With Food You’d Otherwise Toss

Food waste is a real problem. In fact, one recent study showed that the average American household loses up to $2,200 each year from throwing away food. Juicing is the perfect way to use up all your produce before it goes to waste.

4. Juicing Calls For Simple And Easy Prep

No peeling, no chopping. Just a good rinse and scrub and your fruits and vegetables are ready to be used. How much easier does it get than that?

5. It’s Fast Food… Without The Drawbacks

Option A: hitting the drive through for a doughnut. Option B: fresh-pressed juice. Both take about the same amount of time, but one will make you feel tired and sluggish, while the other will give you a healthy energy boost. Yeah, we’ll take Option B, too.

6. Juicing Is Kid-Friendly

If you have children at home and you want to make sure they’re eating enough fruits and vegetables, juicing can be a fun way to get them involved in cooking and eating right. Go online together to search for recipes that appeal to them, or experiment with some of their favorite fruits and veggies to see what they enjoy. Keep on serving whole fruits and vegetables to them, too, though – kids should learn to enjoy these necessary foods in all sorts of forms; cooked, raw, baked, broiled, steamed, grilled and juiced!

7. Juicing Tastes Great

This diet trend wouldn’t be popular if you had to drink the equivalent of liver and onions, would it? With all the varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables out there, it’s hard not to hit on a bunch of blends you’ll love. Best of all, the more you learn to enjoy your fresh produce, the more you’ll consume it, and it will take the place of less nutritious fare.

Before you juice:

Your freshly pressed juice has to be consumed right away, so don’t make a ton for the week. If you aren’t going to drink it as soon as you’ve prepared it, put it in an airtight container and place in the fridge, but don’t let it sit around too long, or it can breed bacteria.

Instead of throwing out the fiber-rich pulp that some juicers remove, either add it back to your drink or save it to put into soups and sauces or even muffin or pancake batter!

Juicing can be part of a healthy diet but not your whole diet. Your body still needs healthy proteins, whole grains and fats. And though it’s a great way to add to your fruit and vegetable intake, you should still be consuming fruits and vegetables in their natural form as well as juiced. Think of juice as another great option for meals or snacks, but not the only option you have!

Always check with your healthcare provider before changing up your diet, particularly if you have any health conditions.

Andrea Pyros

Andrea Pyros is a writer and editor based in New York’s Hudson Valley region. She is also the author of the middle grade novel, My Year of Epic Rock, about food allergies, 7th grade crushes, and a band named The EpiPens.

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