8 Great Pre-Workout Snacks for Any Fitness Routine

Apr 14, 2015 //

Your body works around the clock to keep itself growing and healing. Working out is only part of the equation; your body needs fuel to maximize the benefit of the exercise you do. A great way to make sure you’re getting the fuel you need is to eat pre-workout snacks. A good rule of thumb is to eat about 30 minutes to an hour before working out. Try these eight simple snacks that will give you energy and take your routine to the next level.

1. Peanut Butter and Apples

Simple and delicious. Slice up an apple and eat it with a couple tablespoons of peanut butter to load up on carbs and protein before hitting the gym.

2. Oats, Nuts and Fruit

Cook one cup of steel-cut oats, then top it off with a tablespoon of dried or fresh fruit like cranberries or strawberries, and a tablespoon of sliced almonds.

3. Yogurt Parfait

Start with ¼ cup yogurt, then top with ½ cup whole grain cereal and ½ cup fresh sliced strawberries. This snack will satisfy your sweet tooth and energize you.

4. Nutrition Bar

The perfect on-the-go solution to pre-workout snacking, energy bars are wasy to take anywhere for a protein boost. Just watch out for bars with high sugar content. Check out our suggestions on which bars to pick here.

5. Eggs and Toast

There are tons of health benefits to eating eggs, which are basically a superfood. Try eating a hard boiled egg with a slice of whole wheat toast for a heart-healthy boost.

6. Veggie Omelet

Cook two whole eggs with whatever veggies you have on hand for a more traditional egg dish. Keep it clean by only using fresh veggies that are in season.

7. Energy Gel

For a quick and dirty shot of energy and carbs, try an energy gel. They won’t win any points for taste, but most of them are palatable, and there’s no denying they’re convenient.

8. Chia Seeds

If you like the boost that energy gels give you but want something more natural, try chia seeds. Just mix one tablespoon of chia seeds into cold water, then put then in the fridge for 10 minutes before stirring and swallowing. The slimy texture takes a little getting used to, but chia seeds are mostly flavorless. They’re used by the Tarahumara people in Mexico, who are capable of running over 200 miles without stopping, so they’re worth a try.



Caleb Palmquist

Caleb is a freelance writer living in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida. He is a health and fitness enthusiast who wants to inspire people to live happier, longer lives. Caleb's hobbies include hiking, kayaking, biking, and cooking.

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