8 Irresistible Slow-Cooker Recipes

Jan 30, 2015 //

There are a couple appealing things about slow-cooker meals: extended cooking times help create deep complex flavors, and they work with your busy schedule. While you’re out of the house, tending to the day’s responsibilities, meals capable of serving your whole family will be cooking.

1. Colleen’s Slow Cooker Jambalaya

Link: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/colleens-slow-cooker-jambalaya/

Chicken, sausage and shrimp come together to pack a powerful, protein-plentiful, amino acid restoring punch. Of course, the New Orleans inspired madness doesn’t stop there; a colorful palette of multicolored greens feature vegetables such as the green bell pepper, coupled with chopped bits of celery.

According to an article in the Bulletin of University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, there’s evidence regular intake of green bell peppers supplies the body with antioxidants highly effective in combating heart problems and inflammatory, cancerous effects of free radical damage.

2. Slow Cooker Pork Chops

Link: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/slow-cooker-pork-chops-ii/

The pork chops in this slow cooker recipe come packed with protein, B vitamins, and perhaps most unexpectedly important of all, zinc. Zinc just so happens to be responsible for the creation of new cells, the protection of your immune system and forming the structures of protein within your body.

3. Loaded Potato Soup

Link: http://www.cookingclassy.com/2013/12/slow-cooker-loaded-potato-soup/

Few prepared meals rival the ease of effort that goes into slow cooking this soup loaded with bacon, potatoes, yellow onions and a range of tastes that’ll leave those taste buds tantalized well after you’ve gone back for seconds.

Besides the fact bacon supplies 65% your suggested daily intake of thiamin, it simply blasts meals with savory, hickory smoked flavor – and furthermore, has a knack for enhancing blandly flavored foods that we convince ourselves to occasionally consume out a sense of responsibility to keep our lives relatively healthful. (We’re talking about you, Brussels sprouts.)

4. Cherry Cola Chocolate Cake

Link: http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/cherry-cola-chocolate-cake

You probably had no idea you could make dessert in a slow cooker. As suggested in the title, rich, deep chocolate fudge weds with cola to create a final product that’ll greatly resemble the taste of a cherry cola. This creatively inspired cake will leave many a satisfied customer!

5 Southwestern Bean Medley

This slow cooker recipe gathers inspiration from south of the border; rich with a trio of beans – garbanzo, black, and cannellini – accompanied by fiery chilis and other spices. We recommend serving this slow cooked dish alongside a main course, as it’s filling, chock-full of flavor, but lighter on protein content!

6. Stuffed Bell Peppers

Link: http://therecipecritic.com/2014/09/slow-cooker-stuffed-bell-peppers/

This slow cooked recipe takes a meticulously, crafted meal and stuffs it into the calcium-rich, mineral-infused confines of bell peppers! Just a cup of chopped bell peppers delivers the body 100% of the daily antioxidant Vitamin C – and here, you’re consuming an entire pepper.

7. Sunday Chicken Dinner

Link: http://eatathomecooks.com/2010/01/sunday-chicken-dinner-in-the-slow-cooker.html

This slow cooked healthful meal melds the lean protein of chicken with the astronomical in scale Vitamin A supplied by the carrots tossed in and throughout the dish. The meal requires minimal exertion, as do most of these slow cooker meals, and the reward comes in the form of a finalized, hearty meal that’ll warm any soul in need of some comfort food.


8. Slow Cooker Italian Pork Roast

Link: http://theclothesmakethegirl.com/2012/10/16/slow-cooker-italian-pork-roast/

Pound for pound, pork has lower amounts of fat than the other universally praised ‘white meat’ – chicken.

This pork roast is rubbed with an artfully curated Italian herb rub alongside garlic slivers to absolutely enthrall you from first bite onwards!

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