A Sandwich For Every Day Of The Month


A Sandwich For Every Day Of The Month

Jun 30, 2015 //

If you’re getting a little tired of PB&J, mix it up with some creative sandwiches. If you really want to go all out, try a new sandwich every single day for a month. To help you accomplish that, we’ve put together a list of 31 sandwiches, so you’ll get to try something new every day.

1. BLT

A classic sandwich that will leave you satisfied, this sandwich is a must have for any epic sandwich list. Get fancy with this recipe from James Beard Foundation.

2. Fried Eggplant Sandwich

It’s hard to top a warm and crispy eggplant sandwich for lunch. Try this vegan recipe from Serious Eats.

3. Tuna Melt

For all the delicious flavors of tuna and grilled cheese combined, have a tuna melt for lunch. Get the classic recipe from Starkist.

4. Chicken Ciabatta

When you’re in the mood for a juicy chicken sandwich topped with all sorts of goodies, try this sandwich. Get the recipe from Epicurious.

5. French Dip

When you eat this sandwich, you’ll be dipping it into a bowl of hot “au jus” sauce before each bite. It can get a little sloppy, but that doesn’t make it any less delicious. Get a recipe from Taste Of Home.

6. Caprese

Fresh tomatoes and creamy mozzarella make up this scrumptious sandwich that will remind you of Italy. Get a wonderful recipe from Cooking Channel.

7. Gyro

If you love lamb meat and feta cheese, you’ll go nuts for this Mediterranean meal served on warm pita. Try this recipe from Brown Eyed Baker.

8. Falafel

A falafel sandwich has unique flavor that will leave you wanting more. You might have had falafel in a restaurant or from a street vendor, but a homemade version can be just as delicious. Try this recipe from Epicurious.

9. Peanut Butter and Banana

Try this one grilled for an incredibly melty and mouth watering sandwich. Get the recipe from Allrecipes.

10. Meatball Sub

For all the deliciousness of spaghetti and meatballs in easy to eat sandwich form, try this recipe from Serious Eats.

11. Lasagna Sandwich

Like the last sandwich, this one allows you to enjoy tasty Italian food in sandwich form. Make a few and take them with you for work lunches. Get the recipe at Love That Food.

12. Porchetta

This sandwich is best served piled high with pork and absolutely no condiments. Get a recipe from Epicurious.

13. Cuban

Roast pork, glazed ham, swiss cheese, and pickles on Cuban bread make up one of the most delicious sandwiches you’ll ever eat. Try this excellent recipe from Chow.

14. Lobster Roll

This is a traditional New England sandwich that is salty and creamy. Get your seafood on with this recipe from Epicurious.

15. Pulled Pork

Make this sandwich on a day when you’re craving slow cooked barbeque goodness slathered with cole slaw. Get the recipe from Chow.

16. Reuben

Corned beef and swiss cheese make this sandwich a crowd pleasing favorite. Try this awesome recipe from Boar’s Head.

17. Cheesesteak

This sandwich isn’t winning any health awards, but it is as savory as sandwiches get. Try a traditional recipe from Food Network.

18. Buffalo Chicken Club

Perfect for serving at a picnic or barbeque, this chicken sandwich will melt in your mouth. Get the recipe from Closet Cooking.

19. Chorizo Breakfast Sandwich

Great for breakfast or any other time of the day, this sandwich has chorizo, egg, arugula, and sage pesto. Get the recipe at Serious Eats.

20. Turkey Club

A classic sandwich that goes great with a pickle or some potato chips. Try the recipe from Martha Stewart.

21. Chicken Caesar Wrap

Try this wrap for a light and crunchy lunch packed with chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, and Caesar dressing. Get the recipe at Eating Well.

22. Spinach Artichoke Panini

Artichoke is amazing. It works just as well on sandwiches as it does on pizza. You can try this recipe at Slender Kitchen.

23. Roasted Broccoli Grilled Cheese

This is basically cheddar broccoli soup in sandwich form, and it’s amazing. Get the recipe at Two Peas & Their Pod.

24. Smoked Salmon and Avocado Egg Sandwich

A poached egg and some smoked salmon make this an incredibly filling and satisfying breakfast meal. Get the recipe at Once Upon A Cutting Board.

25. Swiss Chard and Bulgar Rolls

Bulgar is similar to quinoa, and it pairs excellently with swiss chard. Throw in some lentils, tomatoes, and red onion for a memorable lunch. Get the recipe at Meet The Shannons.

26. Curried Chickpea Salad Swiss Chard Wrap

Chickpeas combined with a delicious curry sauce and a bunch of other veggies makes for a great sandwich you can eat on the go. Try the recipe from Dishing Up The Dirt.

27. Southwest Hummus Wrap

This sandwich is a hybrid between Mexican and Mediterranean cuisines. Enjoy it at Chef In Training.

28. Egg Salad Sandwich

Mix up this classic sandwich by adding some avocado and watercress. Get the recipe at Food Network.

29. Apple Pie Panini

Sandwiches can be desserts too. Try this sugary panini filled with fresh apple slices. You can find the recipe at Just A Taste.

30. Pumpkin, Chocolate, and Brie Sandwich

This gooey sandwich is perfect for a midnight snack. Get the recipe at Two Peas & Their Pod.

31. Chocolate, Brie, and Raspberry Panini

The last sandwich on our list is another dessert. This one combines the tart taste of raspberries with the sweetness of dark chocolate and savory brie. Try the recipe at Smells Like Home.

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