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Eat More Grilled Cheese To Boost Your Sex Drive

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Eat More Grilled Cheese To Boost Your Sex Drive

Most of us loved grilled cheese as a kid – and still do today. It’s possible to make a grilled cheese that is actually very healthy for you. And what you may not know is that a good grilled cheese sandwich could actually boost your sex drive.

How to Make a Healthy Grilled Cheese

Not every sandwich is created equal, and not every grilled cheese is good for you. If you make your sandwiches with white bread, margarine, and lots of American cheese, you’re not doing your body any favors. Fortunately, a healthy version of the sandwich can be even more delicious than the one you remember from your childhood.

Start with whole grain bread instead of white bread. You want to pick a bread that’s high in dietary fiber with complex carbohydrates you help you stay energized throughout the day. If you use white bread, you’ll be consuming simple starches with very short term energy gains.

Next, replace the margarine with a light olive oil. Simply use a brush to lightly coat one side of each slice of bread. Experiment with lower temperatures so that you don’t burn your sandwich, because olive oil reacts differently to heat than margarine does. You’ll save yourself from the saturated fats in margarine, which can increase your risk of heart disease.

Finally, choose a cheese with lower fat content. Mozzarella or gruyere are healthier choices than cheddar, which has lots of saturated fat. Using less cheese will also make your sandwich healthier.

You can also add a lean meat for protein like turkey or tuna, which is low in saturated fats and has lots of omega-3 fatty acids, which can keep your heart healthy. Throw in a vegetable like tomato or eggplant for some extra nutritional goodness. Add in some spices for flavor and you’ll have a gourmet grilled cheese that’s good for your heart and keeps you energized.

How Grilled Cheese Can Boost Your Sex Drive

A recent poll reported that 32% of people who love grilled cheese sandwiches have sex at least six times a month, compared to 27% of people who don’t like grilled cheese. While stories like that one are purely anecdotal, there may actually be a relationship between eating grilled cheese and the quality of your sex life.

Getting lots of fiber, unsaturated fat, and protein will keep you energized and feeling great. The better you feel, the more likely you are to enjoy sex and perform well. Getting lots of “good fats,” which you can get from cheese, meat, and fish, will heighten your mood by keeping your serotonin levels high.

Just remember that in order for a grilled cheese sandwich to benefit your health and your sex life, it needs to be made with healthy ingredients. A sandwich with white bread, margarine, and cheddar or American cheese will make you sluggish and put you at risk for heart problems. Instead, make your grilled cheese with whole grain bread, olive oil, low fat cheese, and extras like tuna and eggplant. If you do, you may just have better, more energized sex in no time.



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