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Foods That Improve Your Sex Drive!

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Foods That Improve Your Sex Drive!

It may sound silly, but what you eat has a great impact on your sex drive!  Yes, it’s true; there are certain foods that have the ability to increase libido. They do so in several manners; first, by increasing blood circulation, strengthening the muscles, improving the mood and some are just plain sexy and thus, manage to arouse you!


Chocolate is one of the most popular ‘foods of love’, that works wonders for women when it comes to increasing libido. Chocolate contains a chemical that gives you the feeling that you are in love.


Researchers have labeled watermelons as the ‘natural Viagra’. This is because watermelons create a Viagra like effect on the blood vessels. Additionally, watermelons contain an amino acid known as ‘citrulline’ which is good for the cardiovascular system and for your blood vessels – both of which work to increase your libido! 


Oysters have long been rumored to be ‘sex food!’ Indeed, it is believed that Casanova would feast on oysters to increase his sexual prowess! Today, according to scientific research, oysters may be particularly helpful for male sexuality – the zinc present in oysters raises testosterone and sperm production in men! 


Another category that is great for male libido! The Vitamin B6 found in avocados help in the production of certain male hormones, while the folic acid provides energy! 


This fruit has high levels of an enzyme needed to increase libido in men and may also help cure impotence!  Bananas also have very generous amounts of potassium and B vitamins, to produce over all energy levels for better sex.


Figs are high in certain nutrients that are believed to increase libido in both men and women. They can also improve sexual stamina! 


Yes, garlic!  Although you may need to have mints after eating raw garlic, it’s worth it! Garlic contains ‘Allicin’ – a substance which helps increase the blood flow to sexual organs! Give it a try! 

Strawberries, Mangoes and Lychees!

Indulge yourself in the juiciness and sweetness of these succulent fruits.  Cut strawberries and mangoes and serve them into skewers.  The shapes, texture and succulence of these two fruits are erotically suggestive and can be fun to use amid foreplay. Eating lychees may also be a turn on, hence stimulating your sex drive! 

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