Foods that Trigger Constipation


Foods that Trigger Constipation

Oct 6, 2012 //

Constipation can be a very uncomfortable and painful experience, to say the least. Many foods can trigger constipation. What do all these foods share in common?! They all lack fiber!  A constipation free diet involves a lot of fiber, not in just one type of food but in several! Here we will discuss all the constipation triggering foods.

Red Meat

Red meat itself does not cause constipation, per se, yet it makes the list of foods that cause constipation.  Why?  Well, consuming plentiful amounts of red meat in place of high fiber foods may interfere with your digestion. Red meat itself is a low fiber food.  Moreover, red meat takes a relatively long time to be processed which makes matters worse! Therefore, excessive amounts of red meat can most definitely cause constipation.

Solution: Therefore it is advised to limit the amount of red meat you consume. When you do decide to enjoy the occasional red meat, make sure you pair it with high in fiber side line! Perhaps some low fat mashed potatoes?

Dairy Foods

Excessive consumption of dairy may trigger constipation greatly. Dairy foods are low in fiber which prompts cases of constipation. Dairy products made from milk commonly cause constipation in both, adults and toddlers!

Solution: If you want to avoid risks of constipation, then try consuming high fiber foods with your dairy. Perhaps whole grain bread with some cottage cheese?


Cookies and other refined sources of carbohydrates such as, cakes, cupcakes and pastries are all foods that cause constipation. This is because these foods are low in fluid, fiber and high in fat!

Solution: Instead of consuming too many refined carbohydrates, try consuming lots of fruits and vegetables! This will also help increase your fiber intake and is a much healthier option.


The fact that bananas make the list of foods that cause constipation is intriguing. Interesting fact; bananas can not only be the cure of constipation but may even be the cause.  This is believed to depend on the ripeness of the banana you consume. Research suggests that unripened bananas that are green, or slightly green in color cause constipation. However perfectly ripened bananas are extremely high in soluble fiber which can help relieve you of constipation.

Solution: Try avoiding green banana’s.

Fried Foods

Fried foods that are greasy and have been bathed in oil so to speak, such as French fries, onion rings, chicken wings, doughnuts, or even fried fish are extremely constipating as they tend to move very slowly inside the digestive tract. Almost all fried foods come under the category of foods that cause constipation.

Solution: Fried foods are extremely unhealthy and should be consumed minimally in any case. Instead of consuming fried foods, opt for healthier cooking methods such as steaming  or baking.

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