Foods to Avoid with Glaucoma


Foods to Avoid with Glaucoma

Oct 20, 2012 //

Glaucoma is a chronic and a very unfortunate disease related to the eye. It is basically a condition in which the pressure in the eye results in the optic nerve being damaged which can lead to a complete loss in vision. Fortunately, this condition can be fixed with medication and surgical procedures. However, it is important that this treatment be supplemented by a good and healthy diet and some glaucoma foods to avoid. A list of the most prominent foods amongst these is given below.

Foods High Tran Fatty Acids:

Trans fatty acids are the primary cause of raising the cholesterol levels in your blood. Not only that, but they increase the chances of blood vessels in the body being damaged which is a bigger risk to your optic nerve if you are suffering from glaucoma. Decreasing consumption of processed goods particularly cookies, cakes, donuts and French fries will reduce your intake of Trans fats and avoiding them completely will help you lose weight, reduce your risk of obesity, diabetes and be protected from glaucoma simultaneously.

Food Allergens:

It has been observed that people whose food allergies are aggravated have a higher risk of glaucoma. Although the link between allergies and glaucoma has not been established yet, it is recommended on the glaucoma foods to avoid list that you stay away from the foods that fire up your allergies to stay protected from glaucoma. Common food allergens include dairy products, soy, shellfish and nuts. Consult your physician to help identify your allergies and then work on removing these allergens from your diet.

Foods High In Saturated Fats:

Anything that has increased levels of saturated fats should be voided in glaucoma. These do not have much nutritional value anyway and have been found to increase the risk of glaucoma. This could be because of the link with body weight. Saturated fats lead to an increase in your body weight and studies have shown that a higher Body Mass Index is directly correlated with increased pressure in the eye which is a direct cause of glaucoma. As a result, eating foods such as red meats and using lard in your cooking should be avoided or practiced in moderation.

Coffee and Alcohol:

Drinking excessive mounts of coffee has been known to cause an increase in eye pressure which automatically increases the risk of glaucoma. This problem has mostly been with caffeinated coffee so the decaffeinated version can be consumed. The consumption of excessive alcohol has also been observed to result in an increased risk of glaucoma. The causal link has not been established yet but doctors recommend that you should drink alcohol in moderation to protect yourself from this disease.

Foods High in Refined Sugar:

Another essential on the list of glaucoma foods to avoid is those high in refined sugars. This is because such foods have been known to increase the risk of the disease. Not only that, but while being processed, refined sugars are stripped off minerals like vitamin A and C and other essential nutrients all of which contribute to protecting your eye. In this regard, you should avoid an excessive consumption of white bread, cereals, pasta, rice and crackers that are not whole grain in nature.

Jennifer Elliot

Jennifer Elliot takes her Nutrition (and yours) very seriously! She believes that the strongest weapon we have against all diseases, ailments and conditions is Nutrition. She also widely promotes the importance of exercise to maintain optimal health. Keep an eye out for Jennifer’s articles to remain updated on how to lead a nutritious life!

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