Foods To Refuel Your Energy After a Workout


Foods To Refuel Your Energy After a Workout

Jan 14, 2015 //

We’re all for the hard earned, dog-tiredness that most often follows a workout. But you do need to replenish what you’ve used up. Putting our bodies through the rigors and stresses of effective workouts brings forth an undeniable reality – the beasts (our bodies) need fuel, and certain foods over others will stifle the hunger, breed energy and promote rapid recovery.

Veggie Omelet

Post-workout, your body is possessed with a mad craving for carbs and protein, and an omelet with veggies will satisfy it. Eggs clock in at a minimal impact – 70 calories each – while boasting a solid 6.3 grams of protein per eggshell-crack. Check out this awesome recipe.

Watermelon Feta Quinoa Salad with Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette

The sweet and succulent juices of watermelon collide with salty feta cheese to rock your taste buds in this salad. You’ll be hopelessly hooked. Quinoa has acquired fame-status for it’s absurdly high level of protein – 3 grams more than rice – and ability to help you avoid the sniffles, with four times the immune building iron of brown rice.

Orange Juice

The last situation you want to deal with after a grueling workout is a tidal wave of cramps in all the wrong places. Throw back a glass or two of orange juice, and consider potential future cramp-crisis averted. After all, orange juice has a significantly greater quantity of potassium than Gatorade.


Bananas are packed with the “good kind” of carbohydrates your body needs to refuel after a workout. A banana is also ridiculously easy to pack in a gym bag. Your body’s glycogen levels will be all the more thankful a mere three bites in.

Pita and Hummus

Hummus is made of chickpeas and contains a dynamic combination of protein and carbohydrates – both nutrients your body needs, sooner rather than later. Then there’s the pita, that breadstuff you’re dipping into the hummus. The pita will actively sustain your energy levels long after the workout.

Sweet Potatoes

2, 4, 6, 8, who does your post-workout, fatigued, sore body appreciate? Sweet potatoes! They’re jam packed with vitamins B6, D, C, potassium and magnesium. Additionally they contain just enough carbs to provide sought-after fuel. Give this refreshing take on the sweet potato a go!

Traditional Whey Protein Shake with Banana

Protein shakes aren’t just for the overly avid, veins-bulging-everywhere gym rat. They’re good for you when your muscle fibers that have a fierce craving for replenishment. A protein shake consisting of whey protein powder, water and a banana will process quickly and combat exhaustion. Check out this recipe that incorporates strawberries as well.

Tuna Sandwich

Fill that emptied-of-all-energy, weight-weathered frame with a tuna sandwich, which will give you a boost. Tuna delivers omega-3 fatty acids, which your body can’t produce naturally.

Yogurt and Fresh Berries

Post-workout, your body has utterly depleted its amino acid resources. Low fat yogurt can contain nearly 15 grams of protein, and the berries bring with them carbohydrate-fueled energy to leave you feeling refreshed and enlivened for whatever might be next.

Chicken Stir-Fry

Chicken is a superb source of lean protein, and additionally contains niacin, which plays an essential role in the processing of carbohydrates. Throw in steamed veggies, incorporate high-fiber brown rice and you’re halfway to refueled heaven! Try this stir-fry recipe.

Peanut Butter

Crammed for time? Late for work? Too tired to exert any trace of an effort to prepare a meal? You’re in luck; this post-workout food is prepared from the moment you crack off its lid. Peanut butter’s rife with fiber and protein, which magically helps those desirous of cutting weight attain satisfaction. The two grams of fiber per serving and the eight grams of protein leave you feeling full and less like you’ll need to eat again soon.

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