Four Smoothie Elixirs to Cure What Ails You


Four Smoothie Elixirs to Cure What Ails You

May 24, 2015 //

Every once in a while we all need a good boost to our immune systems. And when it comes to health, the things we eat can have a major impact on us. That is why smoothies and elixirs are such great things! Both of these treats not only taste great, but they also pack in a bunch of awesome health benefits! Below are four great examples of these smoothies and elixirs that will help any ailment you may have!

1. Cure For What Ails You Smoothie

(Recipe from Food52)

This recipe, submitted to the site by Emily C., is everything the names says it is! With ingredients like orange juice, coconut milk, and ginger root, this smoothie is sure to help you bounce back after your cold, flu, or other ailment! As Food52's DeannaMarie said, it has a tropical feel that makes you want to “go lie on the beach somewhere.”

2. Jenna's Green Elixir

(Recipe from Sugar Betty)

This recipe is one that pack a large punch! Lemon, carrots, spinach, chia seeds, flax seeds – this elixir contains all kinds of fiber, vitamins, and nutrients that will get your body revved up and ready to go! Most people may be turned off by the smoothie's green color, but all your worries will go away once you get a taste. Don't be afraid to test this recipe out!

3. Cacao Superfood Elixir

(Recipe from Dr. Jesse Chappus)

This simple recipe is great for those of you who just want to get your feet wet in the elixir world. The mixture contains only four ingredients, two of them being raw honey and coconut oil – two things that are great for ailments.

4. Immune-Boosting Paleo Blueberry Smoothie

(Recipe from Paleo Grubs)

According to the creators, this smoothie is excellent during cold and flu season – if you are afraid of catching something or feel like something is coming on, whip out your blender and make one of these delicious smoothies – you'll feel like new afterwards!

Jessica Starks

Jessica Starks is a freelance writer and blogger. She is passionate about writing and sharing new, helpful information with her audience. Jessica also hopes to inspire others to strive to live healthier and happier lifestyles.

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