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Health Benefits of Pure Honey

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Health Benefits of Pure Honey

The amazing qualities of honey, be it health or versatility in cooking, is not one that can easily be shortlisted! Honey is the truly wonderful gift given to us by nature.

Pure honey is packed with flavorsome taste that will provide your sweet tooth with the perfectly satisfying sweet punch it desires! Many even refer to it as their own personal soft candy. Honey is a truly beautiful substance. It is liquid but ever so dense, it possesses the ability to sustains one hunger but does not overfill, it is sweet but not overpowering, dense, but yet easily digestible!

Health Benefits of Pure Honey

Honey’s versatility does not only lie in ways of consuming and enjoying but also lies in the numerous health benefits! Yes, honey has been appreciated and in some tribes, even worshipped for its ability to remedy all kinds of ailments! Here is a list of the vast health benefits of honey has in store for you!

Antioxidant and Antibacterial Properties

Honey has an amazing antioxidant and antibacterial profile, which together make for the perfect immune system builder! In fact having a spoonful of this sweet delight every morning will help you cleanse your body of all its toxins! It is actually considered a cleansing tonic. To avail this honey health benefit at its maximum, mix in a spoonful of pure honey into a glass of warm water, then add in some fresh lemon juice and drink before breakfast!Honey can help improve your digestive system and fight disease at the same time! So keep having pure honey and keep that immune system boosted!

Sweet, Sweet Energy!

Honey is a natural energy booster! Yes, this non caffeine sweet treasure is an excellent energy booster, fit to get your juices flowing! Honey may not contain caffeine, but it does contain natural sugars! These natural sugars help prevent fatigue during our day as our bodies easily and quickly absorb the glucose which gives you an immediate energy boost! However, that’s not all! Even after this your body will still be absorbing the fructose. This process is slower, and therefore provides sustained energy throughout the day! Honey also contains a natural source of healthy Carbohydrates which provide your body with the adequate strength and energy it needs to get going! In order to fully enjoy this health benefit, have a spoonful of pure honey right before your workout, this will provide you with the sudden outburst of energy and will keep providing you with sustained energy throughout your workout! Also in the morning, before turning on your coffee machine, try a healthier choice! Try spreading honey on toast and eating it. This will surely provide you with the energy you need to say no to coffee!

Sore Throats!

Sore throats have always been dreaded in children, teens and even adults! It is a time of great discomfort and nothing seems to help. Have you ever tried honey? If no, then you must! Honey has been used for centuries in treating all kinds of throat ailments, and has been most successful in treating those with sore throats! However this magical substance does far more than just merely soothing your throat! It kills the bacteria that caused the infection in the very first place as honey combats it with its Antimicrobial properties! If you have a cough and sore throat, mix in honey in some warm water and drink down, you can even add a squirt of lemon juice! 

Cuts and Burns!

Cuts and burns are the inevitable fate we have to endure! Honey has antiseptic properties that help keep away harmful bacteria from infecting a wound and help keep wounds clean. Honey also works as an anti-inflammatory agent that is able to absorb moisture form the air to promote healing! So next time you get a wound be sure to spread on some honey!

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