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Healthier Beers to drink this Oktoberfest

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Healthier Beers to drink this Oktoberfest

The next Oktoberfest New York outing will be the healthiest one yet, so long as we all take this helpful list of the healthier beers to drink this Oktoberfest, out with us. There’s no reason to skip out on the festive show, rich in Bavarian history, altogether for fear of falling in upon a carb-packed, destructively unhealthy decision. Simply keep a keen set of eyes out for any of these, and rest assured, knowing the healthiest Oktoberfest beer-consumption decision possible, was made.

1. Aecht Schlenkerla Helles

Say that 10 times really fast. This German beer, with a flavor rich in smokiness, and beautiful in color, can even encourage healthier heads of hair. We’re not kidding: over her phone interview with Healthland, Marta Wohrel (co-founder of Truth in Aging) said, “German beers use a little more hops, and hops have more protein in it that give you healthy hair.” We can’t allow for ourselves to become too caught up in this beer’s unique level of tasty smokiness; drinking need always be done in moderation.

2. Blue Moon Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale

This pumpkin spices flavored blue moon ale’s a delightful, and healthy beer to drink, weighing in at just 100 calories. Copper-orange in color, and with a pour that spouts a beautiful head of home; this beer’s a crowd pleaser. If the Bavarian beer halls this seasonal holiday’s so successfully promoted, only included more Blue Moon’s in the past, we might’ve avoided truckloads of avoidable carbohydrate-packed disasters! Keep a firm and proper head on your shoulders though; and remain smart by hydrating often!

3. Samuel Adams Oktoberfest

Sammy Adam’s dominates the beer-appreciative marketplace with this seasonal ale, rich in toasted oats, hints of caramel, and even finished off with Bavarian hops to ensure drinkers enjoy the most authentic of experiences. We’ll have to note here, that this beer clocks in at 190 calories, and thus might be better reserved as a back up for those out there trying to keep a lockdown on their bodyweight. Then again, we can always work to offset moments of weakened willpower, fleeting indulgences served up in bottles, by exercising yet a bit more.

4. Great Lakes Oktoberfest

This beer gathers its origins in Cleveland: brewed up and distributed by two-time silver medal award winning brewery, Great Lakes. The beer capitalizes on all that a rich-flavor profile Oktoberfest ale can offer. Great Lakes took this beer, this malty work of art, one step further, left their competition in the dust, and tossed raisins in the mix for the malting process. Let’s just say, good things happened, and it’s a gift, a true gift, this beer’s available during Oktoberfest. With a 90/100 score on, we might all have to agree, the sooner this beer’s sampled to honor Bavarian tradition—the better!

5. Weihenstephan Oktoberfestbier

Why not enjoy a healthy beer to drink from the oldest brewery around the Bavarian block? Weihenstephan has been around and brewed since 1040; and now brings Oktoberfest beer lovers, an enjoyable balanced seasonal ale, with equal enough parts honey malts and bitter hops, to thus make it a great sidekick to many traditional Bavarian dishes.

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