Healthy Ways to Start Your Day


Healthy Ways to Start Your Day

Dec 1, 2014 //

A pleasant morning is often a barometer for how the rest of your day will follow. If someone asks you if you “Woke up on the wrong side of the bed,” or if you’re a “morning person,” chances are it’s because it’s obvious that you aren’t having a good day. Maybe you’ve been snapping at everyone within shouting range, or you’ve just poured your sixth cup of coffee in the last hour. What are the steps then that one can take to start their day in a healthy and positive manner?

We’ve rounded up some healthy ways to kick start your day.

Create a Morning Ritual

The first step, after you’ve gotten a full restful night, is to set a morning ritual and stick to it. Do you know how long it takes you to get ready in the morning? Do you like to sit and enjoy your breakfast while reading or watching the daily news? Or would you rather take your morning cup of coffee or tea alfresco or in your favorite comfy chair? The morning has as much potential to be about quiet and peace as it can be about chaos. Planning your morning out can often ensure the former outcome.

Breakfast of Champions

The second step is to have a healthy breakfast. Depending on time allowances you may need to plan your breakfast the night before. Do you like to have juice or smoothies? Which provides a wealth of daily amounts of vitamins and minerals? Clean and chop your fruits and veggies the night before. Do you like steel cut oats, which are known to reduce hypertension, diabetes, and prevent heart disease? Those take on average thirty minutes to make.

A quick option can be sprouted grain toast like Ezekiel bread, with almond or cashew butter and a banana. The bread will provide unprocessed fiber, the nut butter will provide a low fat protein and the banana is a great source of potassium.

Another breakfast tip—find ways to add low fat protein to your morning meal, and keep the refined sugar to a minimum to ensure your energy lasts and you stay full longer.


The third step to a great morning is to find some way, any way to move. Studies have shown that exercise in the morning has a multitude of benefits that extend beyond weight-loss. Not only will your revved up metabolism continue burning calories throughout the day, but you’ll sleep better at night, as well. No one is suggesting you run a marathon, though. Even if you are doing nothing but stretches and calisthenics for thirty minutes each morning, you are still moving. However, don’t be afraid to challenge yourself with a brisk walk or lifting some weights. Weight lifting is known to build muscle which burns fat faster.


The next step to starting your day off right is clearing your mind before the thoughts of the day barge in. We are often on overload mentally from the gadgets we are surrounded by daily, the to-do-lists, the intense schedules, and overwhelming deadlines. Don’t be afraid to take a little “me” time before you start the day. Meditate! It doesn’t have to take long to do. Five minutes is often long enough. Meditation helps your mind get focused and improves concentration, and you’ll soon feel the tension leave your body.

Plan the Day

Finally, set up your day. To ensure less stress, and to discover time you didn’t even know you had, schedule your day out. You know what needs to be done or accomplished and you probably have a realistic notion of how long everything takes. You’ll be less stressed and pretty soon, everyone will want to know your secret!

Carly Drake

Carly Drake is a freelance writer living in New York City. She grew up surrounded by health nuts and has tried nearly every fitness and diet trend out there. Since trends and fads really aren't her thing, her preferred method of staying healthy is sticking with whole foods, yoga, HIIT training, and Pilates.

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