Liquid Diet for Weight Loss


Liquid Diet for Weight Loss

Aug 13, 2012 //

If you are aiming for a short term goal at weight loss, then the solution to your problem awaits in the form of a liquid diet. Believe it or not, a liquid diet ranks high in terms of facilitating weight loss just in time for that big event you want some pounds shed off for! Following the same monotonous exercise routine or finding the time to hit the gym can be quite a hassle, but that is where the beauty of a liquid diet for weight loss lies. A drastic cut in the intake of calories and an abrupt switch from solids to pure liquids may sound like a handful of a job, but it’s really not!

A liquid diet restricts solids not to their entirety to be precise, but as the name suggests it does entail majorly sticking to just liquids. The idea is that if you curtail the calorie intake your body is consuming excess of capacity, it will burn the additional fat reserves, and result in quick weight loss!
Here are some of the best liquid diets for weight loss:

The Meal Replacement Diet

Switching entirely from solids to jut liquids can be a heavy transition. One of the simpler approaches to a liquid diet for weight loss happens to be the meal replacement diet. Instead of going all liquid three meals a day, switch one proper solid meal with a liquid one. For example instead of having a hearty breakfast, have just a protein shake or a large glass of fresh juice and have a proper meal at lunch and a light dinner. This way your body will have enough time to digest all the solids and liquids well before you get your shut eye for the night. This kind of a liquid diet is especially important for those individuals who exercise rigorously as well, as they need proper nutrition and that one solid meal a day at least.

Staggered Diet

As the name suggests a staggered liquid diet varies in terms of its liquid days instead of content. You are supposed to divide your week into two halves in a scattered way, whereby you can take up an all liquid diet plan three times a day on every alternate day of the week. The rest of the days you follow your normal daily diet plan with solid intake included. Depending on your commitment to the diet, some prefer a hardcore straight away liquid diet at a stretch than a staggered one.

All-liquid Diet

An all liquid diet plan encourages you to consume only liquids and nothing but that! You can consume anything and everything as long as it is available or can be made available in liquid form. This diet includes all sorts of liquids, ranging from fruit and vegetable juices to protein shakes, smoothies, milkshakes, eggnog, cream of rice, wheat, oatmeal and eve ice cream and the likes! You can consume as many fruits and veggies as you want, but only in their liquid forms, solids are strictly restricted. Nowadays, the markets are jam-packed with prepackaged protein shakes and smoothies fortified with nutrients that facilitate quick weight loss even further. Just make sure you are adding sufficient amount of fiber to your diet as well to keep the metabolism running!

All-Veg Liquid Diet

This kind of a diet plan is a liquid diet plan which requires one specific condition be fulfilled: no animal products. This diet allows all kinds of liquid intake, except those that involve animal produce, including milk and eggs. So, eggnog, milkshakes and some prepackaged foods with similar ingredients are strictly to be avoided in this particular diet. The results however happen to be very promising, warranting a quick weight loss that’s not only sustainable but also very efficient!


All these liquid diets are highly effective when it comes to weight loss. However, it is very important to consume other dietary supplements along with these diets in order to prevent fatigue, dizziness, electrolyte unbalance, loss of hair and other such conditions driven by under nutrition. It is advisable to keep these diets short lived and not to practice them at a consistent stretch of time in order to avoid putting the body under too much strain.

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