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10 Snack Foods You Can Eat At Night

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10 Snack Foods You Can Eat At Night

Regardless of age or gender, late-night snacks never go out of style! But sometimes it can be easy to overindulge and partake in foods that aren’t so healthy for us. That’s why seeking out healthier snacking alternatives is key to success! There are so many different options to chose from, but here are ten options to get you started towards healthier late-night snacking!

1. Ricotta Cheese Ice Cream

After a long and hard day, all you want to do is come in, grab a big tub of ice cream, and just relax right? Well ice cream isn’t the best snack to have late at night, especially if you are trying to obtain a healthier lifestyle. Switch it up by grabbing some ricotta cheese, your favorite fruit, and a blender. Mix it all together and enjoy!

2. Popcorn

Not for all the blending or you just aren’t in the mood for fruit? Make your own popcorn! Popcorn kernels, a paper bag, and your favorite herbs and seasonings will make the process fun, interactive, and well worth it when it comes time to eat!

3. Mug Cakes


Mug cakes are seriously delicious and easy to make for those late nights when you don’t have the energy to bake or fry anything. All you need is a mug and a few of your favorite ingredients to create this sweet treat! The Kitchn offers some inspiration with a delicious Oatmeal Nutella Cake to start off your mug cake journey!

4. Dark Chocolate

So maybe the mug cake won’t satisfy that chocolate craving you have. Why not go for the purest form of the real thing by snagging some dark chocolate! Dark chocolate contains less sugar than milk chocolate and contains more antioxidants, making it much healthier for you in the long run, while still giving you the sweetness you desire.

5. Banana Ice Cream

If you’re too nervous to experiment with ricotta cheese, throw a few bananas in the food processor and make some ice cream! Don’t worry, there isn’t an overwhelming banana taste to it. Throw some dark chocolate, cinnamon, or even nuts in the mix and dig in!

6. English Muffin Pizza

Pizza is another late-night snack that people love to munch on, but what if there was a healthier way? That’s where these English muffin pizzas come in! Simply cut an English muffin in half, add your favorite low-fat ingredients, bake, and go to town! These pizzas are half the calories of your average pizza, so you won’t regret it later!

7. Healthy Guacamole

Any guacamole fans in the house? Mix some avocado with some salsa and get to work! And instead of buying tortilla chips to go with it, grab a bag of baby carrots and use them to scoop in the dip!

8. Sweet Potato Fries

French fries are delicious, but we all know they are greasy, salty, and just not good for us at all! Sweet potato fries are a great alternative because they can be baked and are full of vitamin A, unlike those regular french fries!


If you want a simple snack that you can eat in bed, grab a bag of walnuts. What’s so great about walnuts? They are good for your heart, your brain, weight maintenance, and even help to fight cancer!

10. Egg And Avocado Sandwich

You can’t mention midnight snacks without bringing up a sandwich! Most lunch meats have all kinds of preservatives in them that do nothing but give us empty calories that only hold us over for a few hours. Get something filling and satisfying like an egg and avocado sandwich! Avocado is a superfood that contains tons of health benefits while egg fills you up while giving you a nice serving of protein.

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