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Recipes For Chocolate Lovers

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Recipes For Chocolate Lovers

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Chocolate improves just about anything! Did you know that dark chocolate contains vital and healthy antioxidants? Cover, drizzle and dunk to your heart’s delight with the world’s most favorite ingredient: chocolate! The following is a list of 10 recipes especially for chocolate lovers!


Chocolate fondue though decadent in name and affiliation, is a simply prepared way to serve dessert. There are a variety of recipes for chocolate fondue but the simpler, the better. The chocolate can be milk, dark or white chocolate but it must be melted. Low heat and slow melting is the best way to prepare. Any of the following make great dippers for chocolate fondue:

  • Pound cake cubes
  • Strawberries
  • Marshmallows
  • Pineapple rounds
  • Graham crackers

Dipped Strawberries

With melted chocolate at a low temperature, use tongs to dip the strawberries most (but not all) of the way into the chocolate. Immediately after dipping, lay the berries on a sheet of waxed paper and refrigerate. This will harden the chocolate.

Chocolate Lasagna

For this you will need:

  • 1 package Oreo cookies, pulverized in a food processor
  • 1 package ice cream sandwiches
  • Cool Whip

In a baking dish (or aluminum pan) put down a layer of ice cream sandwiches. Then add a layer of crushed cookie. Add a layer of Cool whip and repeat. Make the top layer out of the remaining crushed cookies. Refrigerate and serve cold. This is sure to be a new family favorite!

Oreo Choco-Chip Cookies

With a traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe, have some miniature Oreos on hand. With the cookie dough, make a ball as you normally would but with a mini Oreo in the middle. Bake according to instructions, or about 8-10 minutes. Just when you thought a chocolate chip cookie couldn’t get any better!

Chocolate Banana Protein Pancakes

You didn’t think we would let you eat all this chocolate without some nutrition added in, now did you? Using a traditional pancake recipe, add 2 medium bananas and 2 scoops of chocolate flavored protein powder. You know a pancake is ready to flip when bubbles start to appear on the top. For an extra superfood boost, add (presoaked) Chia seeds, wheat germ and top with a pat of coconut butter! Healthy and delicious! A single serving of these babies packs 22 grams of protein!

Chocolate Oatmeal

This one is easy. You can substitute carob for the chocolate for a healthier option, too. Make oatmeal as you typically would, and add chocolate chips (dark chocolate is best) or a scoop of chocolate flavored protein powder. For extra decadence, drizzle chocolate syrup over the top. Yum!

Nuts for Nutella

No chocolate recipe list would be complete without at least one Nutella recipe! (Writer’s note: Nutella should be its own food group – just saying.) Nutella is good on banana slices, on toast, on bagels and especially waffles! You can use homemade waffles or the kind you heat in the toaster. Spread the Nutella onto the waffles while they’re still warm. Oh goodness, now I’m hungry.


They’re called s’mores because after you eat one, you want some more! You will need:

  • Graham crackers (big ones!)
  • Marshmallows
  • Hershey bars

Now these are usually made while sitting around a campfire with the marshmallows cooked on sticks, but we have an easier way. On a sheet of waxed paper, assemble the s’mores by putting the marshmallows and chocolate between two graham crackers. Microwave for 10-15 seconds. Let cool just a bit before eating. These make great after-school snacks!

Chocolate Banana Smoothie

For the perfect chocolate smoothie, in a blender add 2 medium bananas (frozen if you can), some sweetened almond milk and chocolate syrup. To make it even more refreshing, add ice and blend. For a boost of protein, add a scoop of chocolate protein powder!

Frozen Banana Dippers

This is another easy-to-make favorite chocolate lovers recipes. Slice bananas into bite-sized pieces. Dip the slices into melted chocolate (again, dark chocolate is best) but white or milk chocolate works, too. Lay the dipped slices onto waxed paper and freeze for 2 hours. These make great summer time treats! If you want to get really fancy, after you dip the banana slices into the chocolate, dip them again into finely chopped nuts, coconut or any other favorite ingredient!

Chocolate has been a favorite food since the beginning of time. The Mayan culture still reveres chocolate as a sacred beverage that was once reserved only for royalty. Chocolate contains antioxidants which fight cellular damage caused by free radicals. So, not only is chocolate delicious and good for you; but it has anti-aging properties! As with any treat, you should consume chocolate in moderation. As mentioned above, there are numerous healthy ways to add chocolate to your diet that adds protein, vitamins and minerals as well! So enjoy!



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