Seven Ways to Detoxify Yourself Daily


Seven Ways to Detoxify Yourself Daily

Sep 21, 2013 //

One of the reasons why your favorite actors look so young
and youthful is because they use detox methods on a regular basis to reduce
stress from their bodies. In our routines, we tend to follow the yo-yo method
of self care. We either engage in a heavy exercise regimes or become couch
potatoes for months on end. The effects of our indulgences and environmental
damages can accumulate and reduce our health, productivity and life. A few
simple steps in the regular routine can help detoxify the body on a regular
basis and keep you happy and functioning. 

Here’s a list of seven simple ways to detox daily.

Drink Water

If you are looking for ways to detox daily. water takes its place among the cheapest and the best ways out there. Water is the medium of the body. When you drink water, you replace the old
water contaminated with toxins with the new one. A regular routine of drinking
water by counting glasses or watching your water containing fruits will create
a regular habit. Water also helps in removing toxins through sweat. Sauna baths
are good ways to detoxify since they increase sweating of the body thereby help
in the detox process.

Eat Natural Unprocessed Food

Processed food involves chemical processes that remove natural
nutrients from food. It also leads to accumulation of chemicals and toxins on the
food due to processing. This is why organic foods are considered the best forms
as they are free from toxins and have nutritional benefits preserved. Eating natural
food is a prevention strategy to prevent introduction of toxins in the body.

Hot Lemon Water

Hot lemon water can be used early in the morning when the
stomach is empty to detoxify yourself. You can also use the same to reduce
weight. The pH of our bodies becomes acidic as toxins accumulate in our bodies.
The use of lemon water reduces it by restoring the natural pH of the body. If hot lemon water is not your thing, detox teas are very good alternatives.                

Eat Detox Foods

While our livers are really good at blasting anything that can
harm our bodies, they appreciate any extra help they can get. Eating foods that
have detox properties can be a very good technique. These foods include parsley, cilantro, dandelion root, cayenne, turmeric, red
pepper, garlic, lemons and lime, grapefruit, beets and milk thistle. Use in shakes, juices, or as parts of cooking.

Eat Lots of Fiber

There are now easy to drink fiber preparations with flavor which
can be taken regularly. Fiber helps regulate bowel movements which flushes out excess toxins from your bloodstream. It also helps
regulate your appetite and remove waste from your body in an effective manner,
thus promoting health. Clean bowels improve your mood and health and create
space for healthy food to be absorbed in a better manner.


Exercising not only helps you get rid of excess body weight
but also those toxins which hideaway in the body slowly causing damage. By incorporating
an exercise or yoga routine in your days, you can help the body produce chemicals
that drive these toxins out of the body.

Inversion techniques

Gravity plays an important role in reducing blood supply in head
and shoulder regions. A reduced blood supply makes a person tired, irritable and
less attentive. By doing inversions like head stands, you direct the blood flow
intentionally towards the brain. The brain is flooded with blood nutrients and
is washed away from toxins which the blood takes away.

A regular detox routine does wonders for your body, helps
improve mood and makes you more energetic happy.

Dr. Tayaba

Dr Tayaba Khan is a dental surgeon and medical and academic writer with over eight years of experience. Her international writing experience has helped her in attaining an in-depth understanding of the global healthcare systems and the challenges of patient care therein. She is currently doing her MBA in health and hospital management to gain understanding of the economic and financial aspects of healthcare. Apart from writing, she is currently engaged in health care marketing and branding projects for local and international clients.

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