Ten Delicious Pancake Recipes for Breakfast


Ten Delicious Pancake Recipes for Breakfast

Apr 12, 2015 //

Golden orbs stacked high on a plate, with tiny squares of melting butter and rivers of maple syrup… who can resist the call of the pancake? Pancakes can be a luxurious weekend treat, made from scratch and perfect for brunch with friends, or they can be a quick and easy weekday breakfast to fuel you on your day. Believe it or not, pancakes can even be part of a healthy diet! Here are ten delicious pancake recipes to try for breakfast, no matter what your diet-du-jour may be.

1. Whole Wheat Pancakes

Whole wheat flour gives a great nutty flavor and wonderful texture to these Whole Wheat Pancakes. If you want an excuse to go back for seconds, the American Heart Association recommends getting 25 grams of fiber per day from whole grain sources like whole wheat flour.

2. Oat Pancakes

Another way to get the benefits of whole grain fiber on your breakfast plate is with oats. These Oatmeal Pancakes have 273 calories and 10 grams of protein per serving, plus oats are a great source of beta glucan that has been shown to reduce “bad” LDL cholesterol levels.

3. Protein Pancakes

Pancakes can be a super healthy part of your weight loss diet, or help with muscle gains after a workout. These Basic Protein Pancakes are made with raw oats, cottage cheese, protein powder, and egg whites. All of the ingredients are blended together, so you can enjoy a super healthy breakfast and still have time to make it to the gym for your morning workout.

4. Paleo Pancakes

Just because you are going Paleo doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a pancake breakfast. Paleo Pancakes are made with bananas, eggs, nut butter, and cinnamon. The best part about Paleo pancakes? You get to have your pancakes, and eat your bacon, too.

5. Vegan Pancakes

While most traditional pancake recipes call for eggs, milk, and butter, these Vegan Pancakes give you all of the pancake feel and flavor with no animal products at all. Flaxseed meal replaces the egg, almond milk adds moisture, and a combination of whole wheat and spelt flours make this a heart-healthy, fiber-rich breakfast option for the vegan lifestyle.

6. Banana Berry Pancakes

What do you feed a hungry family when you are short on time but want to make something special? Banana Berry Pancakes. Adding fresh banana to boxed buttermilk pancake mix brings added moisture and plenty of potassium to the table, and berries are bursting with fresh flavor and nutrients. No one will know how quickly you whipped up this batch; they taste like they took all morning.

7. Applesauce Pancakes

When you want to watch your calorie intake but still indulge in a delicious breakfast, Applesauce Pancakes come to the rescue! Fluffy and light, with a delicate apple flavor and only 174 calories per serving, these pancakes are low-cal, tender, fluffy, and wholesome.

8. Ricotta Pancakes

Ricotta cheese and sour cream may sound like untraditional pancake ingredients, but they add an element of subtle tanginess. The ricotta cheese in particular makes the pancakes both light and rich. These Ricotta Pancakes are moist and an extraordinary treat.

9. Crepes

A crepe is a paper-thin pancake that can be sweet, savory, or even filled with a nut butter or jam. These french pancakes can be served as breakfast, lunch, or dinner fare. If you are feeling fancy this weekend, try this basic Crepes recipe. You can freeze the extras for a quick breakfast later in the week. “Don’t mind me, I’m just having a little breakfast of crepes and espresso.”

10. The Best Pancake Recipe: Lofty Buttermilk Pancakes

Finally, I have saved the best for last: the ultimate buttermilk pancake recipe. Our friends from the Kitchn have absolutely struck gold with this recipe for Lofty Buttermilk Pancakes (aka The Best Pancakes). If you are a do-it-yourself, make-it-from-scratch pancake purist, this is the recipe for you. You don’t even need real buttermilk for your buttermilk pancakes; simply substitute by adding a splash of lemon juice or white vinegar into regular milk, then stir vigorously. The perfect weekend breakfast pancake is waiting for you.

If you decide that your pancakes need some syrup, be sure to reach for real maple syrup and not the imitation, “maple-flavored” table syrup. Real maple syrup is made from the sap of real maple trees, and it provides essential nutrients like manganese, zinc, potassium, calcium, iron, and riboflavin. The other stuff is made up of corn syrup, artificial colors, and dangerous preservatives and food additives. That is the easiest way to ruin even the best batch of pancakes.

Whatever your pancake craving, be it healthy and light, quick and easy, or made completely from scratch, these pancake recipes will satisfy.

Melissa Zimmerman

Melissa Zimmerman is a freelance writer specializing in health and nutrition writing. A California native living in Central Oregon, Melissa enjoys the outdoor adventures and beauty of the Pacific Northwest. When she is not kayaking on the river, you can find her in a yoga studio or practicing asanas outdoors. Melissa is a big believer in the power of yoga and healthy food to radically improve anyone's quality of life.

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