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The 20 Best Snacks for Men and Women

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The 20 Best Snacks for Men and Women

Whether you want to lose weight and know you need to eat regularly, or just want to know what noshes are best for your dietary needs, we’ve got you covered with the top snacks men and women should eat. Here, Torey Armul, RD, National Spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics shares what you need to know about snacks.

She recommends women eat two snacks a day of 150 to 200 calories each. Based on eating three meals of 450 to 500 calories with the two snacks, you want this to total about 1,650 to 1,900 total calories per day. Men can aim for snacks in the 20 to 250-calorie range twice a day when they’re eating meals of 500 to 550 calories along with those two snacks, which would equal about 1,900 to 2,150 calories per day. Exact calorie recommendations will vary based on someone's current weight, goal weight and activity level. 

"Two snacks a day, ideally mid-morning and mid-afternoon, prevent long stretches between meals that often lead to uncontrollable hunger and overeating," says Armul. "I recommend that my clients eat something every three to four hours, with a focus on hunger-satisfying snacks with protein and fiber."


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