The Best Detox Plan For Your Age


The Best Detox Plan For Your Age

Nov 28, 2014 //

Detox usually gets associated with food, or fasting from food, meal plans, diets, cures or magic products. Although food is one of the factors to consider for a successful detox, it is important to also consider the respective roles of the mind, relationships, exercise and environment. Understanding each of the elements will have you preserving your vitality so you can age gracefully. Get the scoop here


Set a conscious intention. Communicate with your unconscious mind your intention to release all unwanted toxins from your body. Close your eyes and see yourself with vibrant skin, and feel how it feels to be in a clean, healthy body. Make the image compelling, vibrant and bright. Mentally put this picture on your timeline in your close future and trust your unconscious mind to send you the thoughts and tools you will need as you proceed with your detox.

Toxins don’t only come from the environment and poor nutrition. Negative emotions are also responsible. Let’s say you have an argument with someone. At the time, your brain reacts by flooding your body with toxins. We think this only happens once, at the time of the event. Every time you think about the argument, now in the past, and re-live the event over and over in your head, your brain keeps releasing toxins in your body, every time. Consciously clear your mind of negative thoughts and leave the past in the past. In order to detox, consciously choose what you want to think about and steer away from re-living old negative experiences.

What would happen if you were to tell other people about your bad experience? Guess what? Not only do you get flooded with toxins again, but also the friend that you are telling the negative story to gets flooded as well. Your intention is surely not to intoxicate your friend, but that is exactly what you are doing when you tell someone a negative story. Their brain reacts by sending toxins throughout their body, which brings us to the next point


Who in your life is constantly causing your brain to release unwanted toxins in your body? Are there any conversations you could orientate differently? Instead of feeding the fire of a negative conversation, how can you change the subject to something more positive? If you notice your attempts to brighten the situation with some people seem vain, how can you distance your interaction with them? Hang out with people that feed your positive side and make you feel great!


Moving and being active is also known to make you feel great and keep you young! Exercise creates the perfect conditions for you to breath new oxygen, circulate and move the unwanted waste around and sweat the toxins out. Exercise also allows you to experience a pleasurable endorphins release. So you get rid of toxins and replace them by positive feel-good sensations.


Detox your home. Use glass containers to store your food or leftovers, especially to re-heat them. Stay away from plastic and the microwave. Stay away from Teflon; instead use ceramic, glass, and stainless steel.

Change your cleaning products and choose environmentally friendly ones. Chemicals stay and linger in your house: in your laundry, on your dishes, and other areas of your home.

Clean up your cosmetic bag. Your skin absorbs what you put on it, so choose natural products. What good is it for you to stay away from ingesting toxins through food if you pollute yourself topically instead? Read ingredients on your beauty products and avoid parabens, fluoride, aluminum chloride, and mineral oil, just to name a few.


A few rules will help you detoxify yourself and maintain a toxin-free lifestyle that will keep you young.

Stay Away from Packaged Food

That simple rule will eliminate lots of processed food that your body doesn’t recognize. Nothing packaged. Simple!

Stay Away from White Food

Chose color. That will eliminate lots of starches like white flour, white sugar and dairy products. Go for the yams, squashes, kale and dark green leafy vegetables, and beets.

Stick with REAL Food

Before putting something in your mouth, ask yourself, where does it come from? Did it grow on a tree? Is it coming from a garden? Was it raised without steroids and in a free environment? Choose organic whenever available. Stick with lots of vegetables and fruit, beans, legumes, nuts, wild fish, lean protein (if you are a meat eater), whole grains (in moderation on the first week – you can re-introduce more servings of whole grains later on making sure it only consists of 1/4 of your meal). When you do bring the grains back, stick with gluten-free grains, which will be easier to digest and facilitate the detox. Gluten-free Steel cut oat and quinoa are my favorite. Your plate should consist of 1/2 vegetables, 1/4 protein and 1/4 grain or starch (which 1/4 you skip altogether for the first week).

Drink a lot of water

The toxins need to be flushed out. Drink at least 8 to 10 cups per day, which doesn’t include the water that you need when you exercise—that water is simply replacing the water you lose when sweating and releasing toxins through your workout.

So the best detox plan to age gracefully includes all these principles. Food, mind, relationships, exercise and environment are all inter-connected and will turn your detox into a successful and lasting new lifestyle.

Nathalie Plamondon

Prosperous Life Coach, Nutrition & Wellness Specialist and has worked in the fitness for over 27 years. Earning several awards within the fitness industry, Nathalie P’s experience has given people the motivation and inspiration to create healthy lifestyles. "Don’t Just Be. Be Your Best" is the way she lives her life.

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