Tips to Avoid Overindulging this Holiday Season


Tips to Avoid Overindulging this Holiday Season

Dec 2, 2014 //

Do you want to Reduce Over Indulging this Holiday Season without Giving Up Your Favorite Treats? The Holiday season is a time of year loaded with fun traditions, parties, and indulgent treats. We are often faced with buffet lines and tables peppered with goodies that we only see this time of year. We eagerly participate in the festivities and fun-filled activities but often end up regretting our over indulgence come January.

For some it sparks dread because they know it is pretty easy to put on weight over holidays and much harder to shed those extra pounds later. Traditions are important but how to avoid that unwanted weight gain?

When we are faced with tempting treat options at Holiday parties and festive meals, emotional eating creeps in. Having a little of this and a little of that adds up very quickly and soon we have over indulged.

Here are some simple tips to help you navigate this season without depriving yourself of your traditions while maintaining a healthy weight.

Use a Smaller Plate

Using a salad plate for dinner can help reduce how much you eat by about 30%.

Serve Food in a Separate Room

Having to get up to get more food reduces impulsive eating. It gives you have time to reflect and decide if you really do want more stuffing. This can reduce your consumption by up to 250 calories.

Survey the Buffet

Before you grab a plate and start piling it up, look at what is available to you and choose one or two of your favorite indulgent foods. Fill ¾ of your plate with lean protein and vegetables and the last ¼ leave for your indulgent choices.

Be the Last One Served

If you are the first one served and finish your food before everyone else, the temptation to go back for seconds can be overwhelming.

Don’t Socialize Near Food

Standing near a tempting tray of food while you are chatting with friends can lead to mindless eating. The more you look at food the harder it is to resist. So, relocate your conversation to a less tempting spot.

Don’t Go to a Party Hungry

So many of us try to “save room” for the big meal or party. This can lead to more impulsive eating as well as over eating.

Out of Sight Out of Mind

Did the neighborhood cookie exchange or a generous family or friend leave you with a plate of cookies? As pretty as they are don’t leave these treats in plain sight at home. Put them in a cabinet that you don’t use often.

Alternate Cocktails with Water or Club Soda

This will cut down on your calorie consumption and leave you feeling better the next day.

Enjoy a Great Conversation

It is difficult to eat when you are engaged in an enjoyable discussion. Not a bad idea though to avoid over eating!

There is so much that we look forward to the holiday season but gaining unwanted weight shouldn’t be on the list. Depriving yourself of your favorite traditional foods is not an effective strategy either. These small steps and simple changes can help you maintain a healthier balance and avoid overindulging that can lead to weight gain this festive season.

Happy Holidays!

Erin Sparrold

Erin Sparrold is passionate about nutrition, health, and wellness. She has over 20 years of experience helping people live healthier lives through nutrition and fitness. She believes that healthy eating and regular exercise are the foundation for a healthy life. She loves to see people empowered with knowledge and skills to help them improve their health.

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