Top 10 Clean Eating Recipes to Enjoy This Weekend

Apr 17, 2015 //

Clean eating is a nutrition philosophy that revolves around being conscious of where your food comes from. If you want to eat clean, you’ll want to avoid processed and unnatural foods as much as possible. That may be a tall order, considering that most of the foods at the grocery store are processed in some way or another, but it can be done if you’re committed, and know what to look out for. It might be tough to switch completely to clean eating, so why not start with the weekend? Try these 10 easy recipes for a clean eating when you have a little extra time to prep your meals.

1. Vegan Carrot Peanut Soup

This soup is warm, delicious and nutty. It will fit your diet perfectly and keep you warm on a rainy Saturday evening.

Get the recipe at VeganRicha.com.

2. Shrimp and Avocado Summer Rolls

For a light and crispy snack that’s easy to prepare and can be enjoyed anywhere, try these summer rolls. You’ll be amazed that something this tasty can be this good for you.

Get the recipe MyInvisibleCrown.com.

3. Skinny Omelette

This recipe is a clever variation on the omelet that will satisfy you without overdoing it. It can be made in just a few minutes, so it’s a perfect even if you have Saturday morning plans.

Get the recipe at 101Cookbooks.com.

4. Five-Minute Power Oatmeal

It’s nice to have an easy comfort meal that is good for you and will give you the energy you need to get through the day. You’ll need to prepare the first part of this recipe the night before so it can be refrigerated overnight, but it’s totally worth it.

Get the recipe at OhSheGlows.com.

5. Simple Tofu Quiche

Even if you’re not usually a tofu fan, you’ll love this quick and easy quiche recipe. It is naturally gluten-free, healthy and delicious.

Get the recipe at MinimalistBaker.com.

6. Nectarine and Onion Pork Chops

Fruit goes well with pork chops, and nectarines are one of the best. Not only does the combination taste delicious, but nectarines are also naturally loaded with vitamin C and potassium, so it’s good for you too.

Get the recipe PaleoLeap.com.

7. Red Rice Salad

Made with nutty-tasting red rice and topped with fennel, pecans, onions and herbs, this salad is crisp and tasty.

Get the recipe BonAppetit.com.

8. Spicy Quinoa Taco Bowl

Just about everyone loves taco salad, and you’ll dig this healthy quinoa version too. It’s packed full of healthy veggies, beans and corn tortillas for a dish you’ll be craving again and again.

Get the recipe at OneIngredientChef.com.

9. Shredded Hearts of Palm Soft Tacos

These tacos are made with hearts of palm, which make a delicious filling that will make you wonder why you ever put anything else in your tacos. Finish it off with onions, tomatoes, jalapenos and any other fresh topping you wish.

Get the recipe ForkandBeans.com.

10. Pesto Brown Rice with Sauteed Greens

For a creamy and zesty meal with lots of greens, look no further. This recipe will make you feel great and leave you satisfied. Plus, there’s never a bad time to eat swiss chard.

Get the recipe at PicklesNHoney.com.





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