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Roast Root Vegetable Soup Recipe

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Roast Root Vegetable Soup Recipe

Prep Time: Cook Time:


  • Leeks, raw | 1.00 leek
  • Parsnips, raw | 0.50 cup slices
  • Carrots, raw | 4.00 medium
  • Salt | 1.00 dash
  • Spices, pepper, black | 1.00 dash
  • Fresh thyme | 2.00 tsp
  • Reduced sodium vegetable soup | 3.50 can (10.75 oz)
Nutrition Facts (Per Serving)

Calories per serving: 141.64 mg

Fat per serving: 1.66 g

Saturated fat per serving: 0.28 g

Protein per serving: 4.37 g

Sodium per serving: 693.57 mg

Cholesterol per serving: 0.00 g


  1. Very finely chop the leek; chop parsnip and carrots also; set them aside. preheat oven at a temperature of 400*F.
  2. In a roasting tin, place carrots and parsnips and according to your taste buds, season with salt and pepper. Roast for one hour or until the vegetables are very soft.
  3. Meanwhile, just before 20 minutes when vegetables have finished roasting, add leeks along with the soup and 1 tsp of thyme in a large saucepan. Let simmer and cover for 20 minutes.
  4. In a blender, put roasted root vegetables and blend, if necessary add little soup. Transfer it into a saucepan and check the taste. If desired, add more seasoning. Stir and simmer for five minutes.
  5. Transfer into serving bowls and garnish with thyme sprigs.

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