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Spinach with Nuts and Raisins Recipe

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Spinach with Nuts and Raisins Recipe

Prep Time: Cook Time:


  • Spinach, raw | 2.00 package 10 oz
  • Dried pine nuts | 0.33 cup
  • Olive oil | 3.00 tablespoon
  • Commercially prepared soft white bread | 1.00 slice
  • Seedless golden raisins | 0.33 cup not packed
  • Garlic, raw | 2.00 Tbsp
  • Salt | 1.00 dash
  • Spices, pepper, black | 1.00 dash
Nutrition Facts (Per Serving)

Calories per serving: 259.52 mg

Fat per serving: 18.95 g

Saturated fat per serving: 2.15 g

Protein per serving: 6.74 g

Sodium per serving: 185.47 mg

Cholesterol per serving: 0.00 g


  1. Remove the stalks of the spinach leaves; crush the garlic; discard the crust of the bread and then cut the remaining into cubes.
  2. In a small bowl, place the raisins in it and then ladle over the boiling water, cover and let stand for to soak.
  3. Heat 2 tbsp of the oil in a frying pan and then fry the bread until golden.
  4. Then with the remaining oil, fry the nuts in another pan until just change the color then add the spinach and garlic and cook quickly, until the spinach has just wilted.
  5. Drain the raisins and then put into the pan.
  6. Season and toss.
  7. Then transfer to the serving dish.
  8. Scatter the croutons over and serve.

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