5 Tips To Better Grill Fish


5 Tips To Better Grill Fish

Jul 30, 2015 //

Fish is a high-protein food that is rich in benefits for cardiovascular, prenatal, and neurological health and maintenance! Fish is also one of the healthiest meat options that you can have! However it is also one of the most challenging meats to prepare and cook! Well never fear! Here are five ways to make sure your fish is grilled to perfection every time!

1. Keep The Skin

Perhaps your fish has the tendency to fall apart when you are removing it from the grill – have you ever considered keeping the skin on the fish? Some fish, such as trout, become crispy when grilled, making them easy to eat. But if you have a fish like halibut, remove the tough skin afterwards and enjoy the meat!

2. Fat Is The Key

Do you struggle with keeping the fish from sticking to the pan? Make sure to coat the fish with a layer of fat! You can use cooking oil or even mayonnaise to help keep it from sticking! Simply rubbing a small amount on each side of the fish will help to keep your fish fully intact and off of the grill!

3. Plank

No, don't lay facedown on the ground! Grill your fish on a plank instead of on the grill bars. You can either use a wooden plank(make sure to soak for two hours before use) or make your own out of aluminum foil! Just place the fish on the plank and get to grilling! You don't even have to flip it! You'll come out with a nice, smoke-flavored fish!

4. Use Skewers

Maybe you don't want mackerel or trout; maybe you're in the mood for some shrimp – how do you grill those without messing them up or losing them to the flames below? Put them on skewers! You can grill multiple shrimp at a time without having to flip multiple times or risk them being thrown into the flames below.

5. Grill At An Angle

Most people who grill fish have a hard time flipping the fish without it slipping in between the bars or them accidentally tearing the fish. The key is position – grill it at an angle! This will make the fish so much easier to flip, while also giving it those beautiful grill marks!



Jessica Starks

Jessica Starks is a freelance writer and blogger. She is passionate about writing and sharing new, helpful information with her audience. Jessica also hopes to inspire others to strive to live healthier and happier lifestyles.

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