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Top 5 Yoga Poses To Relieve Back Pain

Lower back pain can be incredibly debilitating yet millions of us suffer in silence. Muscle imbalances, poor posture, weak and upset back muscles or even tightened hip flexors can result in back tension and pain, slowing you down and making you ache throughout the day (and night). Release the tension with these stress-busting yoga moves, which work to stretch the muscle fibers and break up  knotted muscles that are causing back stress. 1. Pigeon PoseThe pigeon pose is excellent for releasing tight hip flexors. When hip flexors are tight, they put pressure and stress on your lower back.To get into pigeon pose, start in a tabletop position. Bring one foot up in front of you on the ground and bend your knee and rest that leg on the ground. Bring the opposing leg out straight behind you. You can remain with your upper body straight, or curl forward and rest your head or forearms

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The Adverse Effects Of Air Conditioning

There’s nothing like summer – but with it comes the hot, dry weather than can aggravate even the most enlightened of us. Few people can survive the summer heat without some sort of central or room-to-room air conditioning. But few of us realize that air conditioning may very well have adverse health effects.


Artificial Sweeteners Can Increase Your Appetite: Study

Millions of people rely on artificial sweeteners for cutting back on their sugar intake and maintaining their weight. Read More: What Are The Ways to Eat Less Sugar But a new study has found that eating artificial sweeteners can actually boost your appetite, leading to an increased caloric intake of up to 30 per cent. The Australian study published in the journal Cell Metabolism suggests artificial sweeteners create a false state of starvation state in the brain, causing some organisms — such as flies and rats, which were observed in two separate studies — to eat more food as a result. “We found that inside the brain’s reward centers, sweet sensation is integrated with energy content. When sweetness versus energy is out of balance for a period of time, the brain recalibrates and increases total calories consumed,” said lead researcher Associate Professor Greg Neely. Sugar substitutes, despite having less calories than sugar, can wreak


Gluten-Free Side Dish Recipes

Light and fresh side dishes are the perfect offering when attending picnics and BBQs. Don’t let a dietary restriction like gluten intolerance put a damper on your recipes. These gluten free side dishes are sure to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. So much so, in fact, your gluten tolerant guests might not know the difference.

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