10-Minute Full-Body Workout You Can Do Every Morning at Home

Doing a morning workout session does not necessarily require getting up two hours earlier than your normal routine. This can be proved by this quick 10-minute full-body workout guide, which can let you go of your stubborn fats that make you uncomfortable. This quick guide enables you to keep an active lifestyle without dedicating hours to meet your fitness goals.  Make sure you’re well hydrated, active, and dressed up in a relaxing workout gear.

Benefits of the 10-minute full-body morning workout:

  • Improves activeness throughout the day
  • Involves full-body including all major muscles
  • Elevates your pulse that results in burning more calories
  • Improves mental health


Firstly, drink water in the morning before the workout starts so you do not have to drink water during the workout. Secondly, put on comfortable clothes and then start the workout. The following 3 exercises require work and rest technique. Each exercise has to be done for specific time (seconds) and then body needs rest for a while. The combination of these 3 exercises will be considered as one circuit.  After each circuit, a 60 seconds rest is required. After 60 seconds rest, the next circuit should be started immediately without any delay or break. Here are the three combinations of work and rest technique according to the level of the person. For this workout, three levels have been suggested i.e. beginner, intermediate, and advance.

Beginner: work (30 seconds) and rest (30 seconds)

Intermediate: work (40 seconds) and rest (20 seconds)

Advance: work (50 seconds) and rest (10 seconds)

Jumping Jacks

Get in a start position by standing straight with the feet together, keeping your arms down by your sides, and chin straight up. Expand your feet to the normal extent by jumping and extend your hands up to your head and clap. The movement of feet and hand should be done simultaneously and by the time both hands are joined to clap, your feet should have been extended to the appropriate length by a single jump. Now come back to the starting position by bringing your feet back together and placing your hands by the sides. This should be done in a speed that you can do these 30 times in 30 seconds. Pick your level from above and do accordingly, for example, if you are a beginner so you have to do this for 30 seconds and then take a rest for 30 seconds.


Plank Hip Dip

As this exercise is a modification of regular planks, you have to start with a regular plank position. Being in a plank position means to keep your elbows straight on the ground while having your toes touched to the ground. Here, the core is involved and your abdomen does not touch the ground. Now, slightly move your hip to the right just close to the floor and then bring it to the left. Make sure your hip does not touch the ground. Do it for 30 seconds and do not take a break while moving your hip from right to left and then left to right. Your core should be actively engaged in the process.

Mountain Climb

This exercise starts with a regular push-up position having your body weight on your toes and hands. As the name suggests, you have to start moving your legs like you are climbing a mountain. Move your hip and bring the knee of your right leg forward while keeping left leg unmoved. Then bring your right leg backwards while moving your hip and then take a turn with the left leg. Do this for 30 seconds and then take a rest. Make sure that you are not moving your both legs together. Do this fast and make sure to perform at least 30 movements in 30 seconds. Breathe properly during the session and take deep breaths while taking rest.

Do these three exercises without any break and it is considered as one circuit. After each circuit, you are allowed to take a rest of 30 seconds and then restart the circuit. In total, you have to do 3 circuits and your morning workout is done.