5 Fitness And Motivation Tricks That Work

If you want to have good health, it is a proven fact that you should exercise to achieve your fitness goals. However, putting on your workout clothes, strapping your trainers, and going to the gym is easier said than done. With the fast-paced life people live nowadays, doing some exercise is the least of your concerns. Even if you know that that exercise will lower your risk of health issues, reduce your weight, and improve your mood, you may find it hard to turn these thoughts into a reality.

We often find ourselves lacking the determination to work out daily, but when you follow a workout routine paired with a healthy diet plan, you start a life-long journey that is very challenging. If you lack the motivation to work on your fitness, then you have come to the right place.

Today, in this article, we will share five fitness motivation tips that will work for you.


A perfect idea to stay motivated to exercise would be to set realistic goals. If you want to follow a workout program, commit to it early. These programs cost money, and there is no motivation bigger than money. When you set realistic goals that consist of precise milestones, you will see that things will fall into place in your home life, work, and workout program as you progress. The goals you set don’t have to be to run a marathon, but it should be something achievable. Maybe it is your goal to fit into those old jeans or get those ripped six-pack abs.

Whatever it may be, note it down on a piece of paper, and read it daily to stay motivated. If you follow a workout program, ensure that it suits your fitness levels to do it every day. For example, a vertical climber workout or a high-intensity interval training program is suitable for individuals with different fitness levels.


Most committed individuals exercise every day before the sun rises or when their kids are fast asleep. Sit down, grab a pen, take out your calendar, and try to add an hour of exercise every day to give your body the love it deserves. If you are someone who convinces yourself to set a workout time when the kids are awake, or when your wife or husband arrives home early, you are guaranteed to fail. When your spouse reaches home, chances are they would want to go out for dinner. It will surely kill any motivation you may have to exercise.

You will have to rearrange things in your schedule to avoid disturbances during this exercise hour. You can use alarms to remind you that it is time to exercise, you can send your children to daycare if you choose to work out in the morning, and you could also ask your spouse not to disturb you and allow you only an hour to work on your fitness. By doing so, you will see that your spouse if happy that you have taken the initiative and have the motivation to work on your health.


No individual likes to do the same exercises every day, week in week out. It is in human nature that we get bored with doing the same thing over and over again. Whether you attend a yoga class and perform different yoga poses every day or go out for a run, changing the location every day, your exercise routine should contain a variety of exercise types. For example, you can go swimming one day, go for a bike ride the other, and go hiking the day after that. Your main goal is to add variety to your workouts so that boredom doesn’t make you quit before you start.

Also, ensure that your exercise routine consists of activities that you enjoy doing. For example, adding activities such as sports, hula hooping, or dancing will allow you to forget you are even working out.


Are you someone who feels excited when they buy a new pair of Wrangler jeans, or those expensive pair of Nike Air Jordan’s? If that is the case, then now is the time to hang up those three-year-old worn-out shoes and get a new pair of trainers and use them to work out regularly. Modern exercise attire provides you with a workout experience like you never had before. For example, stylish exercise shoes are light and less prone to injury while you work out. Trendy exercise clothes are weather and sweat-resistant, allowing you to exercise comfortably in any weather condition. When you have a comfortable workout experience, you will want to get up off your butt every day and look forward to your exercise sessions, instead of dreading them.


Whenever there is a reward that waits for you to reach your fitness goal, you will be motivated to get off the couch and exercise every day. Be it a cash prize, a small gift, or something that you like to eat. Do not forget to reward yourself whenever you reach a fitness goal. The reward type can vary depending on the difficulty of the goal. However, it will keep you determined and motivated to work on your fitness every day.


When you exercise, you receive short-term health benefits as well as long-term ones. Regular exercise, coupled with a solid diet plan, is a recipe for fitness success. So, set your fitness goals and have fun while you strive to achieve them. Today, in this article, we share five fitness and motivation tricks that work. So, it is a good idea that you consider them to have the body of your dreams.