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Over the past few years I've worked on short stories and as an article writer for my school's paper. I'm experienced in most writing styles and genre and am specifically strong in the drama genre.

The 5-Minute, Bodyweight Abs Workout

A super-quick ab routine you can do anywhere.


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10 Easy Ways To Slash Calories

Take in less and start weighing less – without even realizing it.


Foods that Reduce Depression

Depression by definition is a strong feeling of severe dejection and sadness that can affect your emotional and physical health. Whether depression lasts a short period of time, longer, or on and off; there are many ways other than medicine to help keep the strong feeling of blues away.


10 Awesomely Easy Hummus Recipes

You know what will make your lunch or snack even better? Hummus. Hummus is a thick blend of chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and garlic.


Playlists for Every Kind of Workout

Whether you’re running, lifting, practicing a sport or out having fun, there’s nothing better to get you pumped than a good playlist.


Recipes for Spicy-Food Lovers

Craving peppers, spice, and everything nice? Treat your spice-loving self with these delicious and healthy recipes. You’ll be chugging the water afterwards – in a good way!


12 Exercises for Better Sex

Want an awesome sex life? Exercise! Staying fit boosts confidence (yes, in bed) and helps you stay flexible, strong and satisfied in bed.